Stag Do Locations

What makes a stag do work? Location, location, location! It's all about where you go, bro, so check out our awesome stag do locations and start planning the weekend - or week - of your life.

We've scoured the UK, Europe, and the world for the best stag do locations in history. They're all here: the legendary spots, the little-known gems and the wild one-offs. Do something you can only do in one place - like walking along the sea floor in Ayia Napa, or driving a Ferrari to a Mayan temple in Cancun. Or do something you've always wanted to, in a place you've always wanted to visit. Whatever your taste, our list of stag do locations is guaranteed to satisfy.

So what's it going to be, fellers? Lose your sh*t in Ibiza, lose your shirt in Vegas, or lose your Wolfpack in Bangkok. Stick to home shores and go crazy in the UK's favourite cities. Head to Scotland and take a walk on the wild side. Visit the coast, try your hand at medieval sports, or find out why everyone goes mad for it in Manchester.

There are all sorts of reasons to pick a stag do location: the weather, the hot girls in bikinis, the amazing nightlife. All of that's well and good if the man of the moment already knows where he wants to go - but what if he doesn't? Chaps, we're here to take the stress out of narrowing down the list. Ask us to recommend places based on your dates, your budget and the kind of thing you want to do when you get there. We won't let you down.

Long-haul, European city break, or right here in the great British weather, your best bud's stag do is his last chance to cut loose in monumental style. Check out our stag do locations, and get planning! 

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European Stag Do Destinations