Puerto Banus Stag Party Packages

A Puerto Banus Stag Party is the ultimate in luxury and style for pre-nuptial parties. If you want to push the boat out, it has to be Puerto Banus. Stag weekends with a taste for Golf, top class clubbing, and glamorous girls will have a field day over here.

Check out our Hotel Accommodation or Villa Accommodation and prepare to be pleasantly surprised at the price tag that comes with Puerto Banus stag weekends.

Right in the heart of the Costa del Sol, Puerto Banus gives stag weekends great weather, white sandy beaches, trendy nightspots, and epic scenery. If your best mate wants to live it up like a playboy for a few days, this place is the ace up your sleeve. Puerto Banus stag weekends can spend all night partying in one of Europe's most exclusive marinas. Go along the famous Golden Mile and you'll soon see why Puerto Banus stag weekends have a reputation for spectacular nightlife.

It's VIP all the way for Puerto Banus stag weekends. Enjoy an unforgettable Premium Lap Dance, or hit the town's glitziest hangouts with VIP Dinner & Club Entry. Puerto Banus stag weekends take the pursuit of pleasure to new heights. From a fantastic Tapas Meal to casinos that wouldn't look out of place on the set of a Bond movie, Puerto Banus stag weekends are never short of entertainment when the sun goes down.

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Just because you're in a spot famed for it's chic credentials doesn't mean you can't indulge in some classic stag activities. Puerto Banus stag weekends can take a break from the beach and go Paintballing in the Andalucian mountains. Or take a troupe of Quad Bikes to the scenic Guadalhorce Valley. Puerto Banus stag weekends can check out the rivers and woodland trails on a Buggy Adventure, or go Horse Riding in the hills. Literally every taste is fully catered for on Puerto Banus stag weekends. You'll have a job to find a sunny spot that matches this one for first-class style and variety.