Zagreb Stag Do Party Packages

Put your stag party on the map in Zagreb!

Want to give the big lad a final stand which stands out from the crowd? Take him somewhere completely different, with a stunning backdrop and more activities than you can shake a stick at. We're talking about a Zagreb Stag Party and it's time to discover what you're missing! If you're up for celebrating the stag's final fling before the ring somewhere fresh, this place is the way forward.

Stag weekends in Croatia's breathtaking capital city offer something for everyone, from the hedonists and history geeks to the sporty lads and city slickers. If you like the sound of an afternoon of sailing, seeing the culture sights of the Croatian capital, boozing al fresco and dancing under the stars at a lakeside club, this city in the country is just the ticket.

Blow the groom's mind with a Zagreb stag do...

Zagreb is ideal for a stag weekend because it's nice and compact, making it easy to jump from one nightlife hotspot to another on a night out. All the major stuff is within walking distance of the Ban Jela?i? Square (main square). Tread the charming cobbled streets and alleyways of the Upper Town, where your stag party will find gaslit lamps and the mesmerising Presidential Palace. Take a load off and get your caffeine fix at one of the laid-back pavement cafes. Alternatively, head to the green spaces of this stunning capital city to take in a glorious Summer concert.

Outdoor activities are a big deal in Zagreb. If you've got a bunch of lads up for a bit of action on the stag's final fling before the ring, make like locals and head for Jarun Lake, the hub of the city's Summer social scene. We're talking hiking, biking and water sports. They're all on the menu. If you' need a bit of assistance planning the perfect stag party in Zagreb check out our pre-made packages. They include all the essentials for an effortless stag weekend, including: accommodation, entertainment, stag night meals, nightlife and more. Get in touch if you'd rather have something more tailored to for your single life send off, we're experts when it comes to bespoke stag weekends.

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Zagreb Stag Party Packages - Bottoms Up
Bottoms Up

From £180.00 Per Person

Footy Weekend

From £203.00 Per Person

Girl on Girl Action

From £239.00 Per Person

King of Quads

From £190.00 Per Person

Shoot em up

From £259.00 Per Person

Zagreb Stag Party Packages - Take to the Track
Take to the Track

From £199.00 Per Person

Ultimate Chillout

From £229.00 Per Person