Cambridge Stag Do Party Packages

Go sophisticated with a stag party in Cambridge...

Stag parties can be diverse groups, with a mixture of friends, relatives and coworkers. This is why it's a good idea to choose a destination for your stag weekend which can cater for all involved. A Cambridge Stag Party certainly does that. This city boasts beautiful surroundings, accompanied by a range of entertainment and a bustling nightlife - it's like this place was made for waving goodbye to the single life. Cambridge is one of the most historic cities in the UK, and coming here for your single life send off will give you the perfect chance to create your own history with your mates.

We've partied our way round this cultural gem, and have put together stag party packages which fit all sorts of different types of stag parties. From the outdoorsy to the party playboys, there's something for everyone. Can't find one that exactly fits your needs? Get in touch. Our stag party planners are experts at sorting out tailored experiences which will rock the groom's world.

Cambridge stag weekend? Sorted.

As you can imagine, a city which suits so many means there are a lot of activities to get stuck into. Don't leave anything to chance, and make your bookings before you go. Time is precious when you've only got one or two days to celebrate, and as this is a popular tourist destination; it's always advised to book in advance. If your stag party is the type that likes to do something a bit out of the ordinary, a punt and treasure hunt will be right up your street. Here, you get the opportunity to explore the city with some friendly, fun-loving competition!

No stag party is complete without a first-rate nightlife. Yet again, Cambridge delivers on that front. Traditional pubs are popular in the city, with some of Cambridge's pubs, such as the Eagle, dating back to the 16th century. Get merry in these historic surroundings, and toast the groom with a pint of the good stuff. If your single life send off is more about modern day nightlife, there's still a thriving bar and club scene in the city. Coolness is personified in its nightlife venues, with a variety of live music and entertainment to sort you out for the weekend.

Pick from one of our Cambridge Stag Party Packages Below

Cambridge Stag Do Ideas - Beer Goggle Football
Balls and Babes

From £180.00 Per Person

Cambridge Stag Party Package - Combat Tag Archery

From £188.00 Per Person

Cambridge Stag Do Ideas - Bubble Football
Bubble Party

From £167.00 Per Person

Cambridge Stag Do Ideas - Punting and Lesson
Get Your Punt On

From £188.00 Per Person

Cambridge Stag Do Ideas - Outdoor Karting
Going for Gold

From £162.00 Per Person

Cambridge Stag Do Ideas - Quad Safari
Kings of Quads

From £190.00 Per Person

Cambridge Stag Do Ideas - Life Drawing Class
Naughty but Nice

From £148.00 Per Person

Cambridge Stag Do Ideas - Punting and Treasure Hunt
Punting and Pints

From £141.00 Per Person