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Lights from the Paris Las Vegas hotel shine behind the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. Explore Las Vegas Stag Party ideas below:

Las Vegas Stag Party Weekend Ideas

Las Vegas Stag Party is the godfather of all single life send offs, mate. If you're the best man, and you want to give the big lad a final stand that'll go down as legendary, you're in the right place. You can't fail to have a large one when you're waving goodbye to the single life in Sin City. If you've yet to take a gamble on Nevada's bright lights and city temptations, you're in for a wild ride.

Las Vegas Stag Do - The Ultimate Destination for a Stag Party!

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A stag weekend in Vegas is everything a final fling before the ring with the lads should be and so much more. Prepare to party harder than ever before in the Strip's mind-blowing nightclubs, which are wall-to-wall booze and beauties. Come on, lads. If you've never been to Vegas, and you need a bit of help getting it all planned, get in touch. We're experts on Las Vegas stag parties. Either you can choose from our pre-made packages which include everything from accommodation and food to activities and entertainment or get in touch for the ultimate tailored stag weekend experience.

Light up your stag party in Las Vegas...

We take our stag parties in Vegas very seriously. We'll take your stag party on a magical mystery tour of the finest bars, strip joints and casinos on Earth. This den and debauchery has really earned her title of the Entertainment Capital of the World. What happens on a stag do in Vegas stays here! Where should you begin? An Inclusive Weekends is the best place to start if you're up for taking the boys on a stress-free send off in Vegas. If you want to plump for this package, you'll have all the basics taken care of, plus a very tasty little extra to welcome you to Sin City in style!

Forget going square-eyes in front of the computer as you trawl through endless websites, trying to get a few quid off a flight or hotel. A stag party going to Vegas should never be stressed out. We know all the places to get the best deals on airfare, and already have a hotel in the middle of the Strip sorted for you. Add luxury limo airport transfers and finish with a stunning strip show by a gorgeous girl, and you're in paradise. Go on, then; send the stag off with a bang.

Our Latest Las Vegas Stag Weekend Reviews

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Aaron Ruane - Las Vegas - Saturday 26th November 2016

Hi Chloe,

Hope you're well. We've just got back from our trip so wanted to say thank you for organising it all for us we had a great time.

If you was located closer I'd probably buy you some flowers lol

Take care xxx

Las Vegas Stag Activities

The bigger the better, the more even better! That's what Vegas lives by. From zip lines and zoos to aquariums and galleries, casinos and strip joints to hip bars and plush lounges, there's adventure around every corner. No wonder Vegas is a favourite destination for stags and hens. The city promises you a wild weekend with its host of activities.

1. The best part of a Las Vegas stag do is sightseeing. The city has so many of them, there won't be a dull moment in the daytime hours. Take an exclusive bus tour to explore them all, up close and personal, at your own pace. Take a picture in front of the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign in a true tourist fashion. What makes the city truly unique is that you can catch a glimpse of different cities across the globe within Vegas! From the replica of the Statue of Liberty or the Parisian wonder of the Eiffel Tower, Vegas has got them all.

2. If you are in the mood for a fancy something, the exotic driving experience is a must. Get behind the wheel of luxury cars like a Ferrari and drive through the Strip impressing the women.

3. If you like museums, Vegas has got all the quirky and unique ones. Spend some time at the Neon Museum to the Mob museum, each with their unique concepts. While a tour of the Neon Museum and the neon boneyard will give you a real insight into Vegas' history and what used to dot the Strip back in the day, the Mob museum will take you on a journey of booze and gambling; of lawmen and wise guys; of shadows and secrets.

4. For a stag that is big on booze, check out the burgeoning craft booze scene of Vegas. A little way from the Strip is Vegas' 'Artisan Booze District' of Henderson. The area is home to the best breweries including the Las Vegas Distillery, CraftHaus Brewery, and Bad Beat Brewing. Immerse yourself with the beer production and learn a fact or two about beer while enjoying some cold ones. Head to a resto-bar after to get some food in your bellies.

5. Forget sightseeing like the regulars in buses and tours. It is a stag weekend in Vegas after all, and the only way to do anything is going an extra mile. Hop on a Hot Air Balloon with the lads, and enjoy the stunning view of the cityscape, glimmering with neon lights and signs.

6. For a stag that loves adventure, Vegas also offers many adrenaline pumping sports. Go quad biking or race the lads while go-karting or test your skills at a shooting range. For the ultimate adventure, try skydiving. That will make your weekend unforgettable in every way.

Vegas Nightlife

Vegas' nightlife is undoubtedly the best in the world. The city has been reeling stags and hens with its glittering charm for years. With chic nightclubs, posh casinos and late night magic shows, the Sin City's rocket-fuelled nightlife outshines everything that happens during your day. The city parties from dusk till dawn with a happy hour through those hours. Countless strip joints, live showrooms and entertaining arenas dot the Strip and keep it bustling through the batman hours giving you a night to remember. But don't forget, what happens in Vegas, should stay in Vegas!

Reasons To Visit Vegas

1. Casinos Galore - The Sin City has more than 150 casinos. While we don't support gambling away your savings, testing your luck every now and then doesn't hurt anyone, especially on your stag do, albeit responsibly. After all nothing compares to the rush you have between rolling the dice and watching it stop.

2. City of Lights - Nothing shines as bright as Vegas. As the sun goes down. The city lights up with neon signs, and fancy lights. You have to watch it with your own eyes.

3. Monuments From The World - Vegas boasts an impressive replica of the Egyptian Sphinx, Parisian Eiffel Tower and Big Apple's main landmark- the Statue of Liberty. You get the best of all the world in one city. How about that!

4. Nocturnal Adventures - Burlesque shows, strip joints, live shows you name it; Vegas has it all. No wonder it is the quintessential stag destination.

In a nutshell, Vegas has everything you need and everything you didn't even know you needed for a stag so epic, you won't forget years down the line. So choose a package that suits you best or build your own package tailored to your requirements and desires. Fly the lads out to Vegas and give the groom a send-off he's been wishing for.

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