Amsterdam Stag Party Packages

Do hedonism with an Amsterdam stag weekend.

This is the big one, chaps! An Amsterdam Stag Party continues to be the finest 'naughty but nice' lads' break on the planet. There's something for everyone in Amsterdam. Lads on the loose in this magic metropolis are perfect for the boozers, the schmoozers, the smokers, the clubbers, and the cultured.

It's all things to all people, and it never gets old. From the historic Dam Square to the fun-loving Leidseplein, every inch of Amsterdam offers a stag party something different. Eat, drink and be merry in Holland's pleasure palace. Come summer and winter, this Dutch destination come up trumps.

If you're after a hearty serving of debauchery in a first-class setting, doing a stag weekend in Amsterdam is the way forward

Amsterdam stag dos always come up with the goods.

You can't go wrong in a city that's famed for its liberal outlook on life, and 24/7 attitude to partying. A safe but brilliant bet, Why gamble with the groom's last days of freedom when you can back a beauty and be 100% sure of giving the guy a good time?

Nowhere does devilment quite like Amsterdam. Stag weekends were pretty much made with this city in mind. Even if you're a Dam virgin, you will naturally have heard about the Red Light District. Who hasn't? Your stag do in this city doesn't have to be all about the neon lights, but you can't come to the Dam and not at least take a tour of her famously debauched district.

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If there's one thing Amsterdam stag weekends can't afford to miss, it's De Wildman. Choose from over 200 different varieties of beer from all over Europe. Don't expect to move far from your barstool, you'll be in for the evening if you start off here! Amsterdam stag weekends with a love for the ales won't have any trouble on a Bar Crawl. The city boasts over 1000 bars, clubs, and coffee shops and has a late license so expect to be still rocking the city come sunrise if you've got the stamina. Amsterdam stag weekends have no worries scoring beers and breakfast at 6AM.

Some good old-fashioned nakedness!

Amsterdam stag weekends can take the party to the water with a Bar Crawl by Canal Boat. This one takes care of absolutely everything and will give the groom a right royal sendoff. See the city's hotspots and stop off in the best Dutch bars for beers, with unlimited (no word of a lie!) drinks on board to keep everyone's alcohol levels topped up. Amsterdam stag weekends wouldn't be complete without some good old-fashioned nakedness. If you don't fancy doing the strip clubs, bring the action on board instead. Club together and send the groom off with memories of G-strings, acres of cleavage, and of course, sinful amounts of whipped cream. Where would we be without it?

Amsterdam stag weekends can be about more than bar-hopping. It's no mean feat, but if you can drag the boys away from the Dutch ales, it's well worth doing so. If you take the pre-arranged approach and sort a few daytime activities out before you fly, you'll be laughing. We're pros at setting Amsterdam stag weekends up with indoor and outdoor pursuits. Activities are our thing and we're always looking for new ways of keeping you lot occupied.