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Amsterdam Stag Party Weekend Ideas

Amsterdam Stag Party continues to be the finest 'naughty but nice' lad's weekend on the planet, this is the big one, chaps! Come on, lads; if you've not been here you don't know what you're missing. Find out just how wild the Red Light District can be on a epic stag weekend! There's something for everyone in this city. A single life send off in this magical metropolis is perfect for all sorts of lads, from the boozers and the schmoozers to the smokers, club goers and the cultured.

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It's all things for all people, and it never goes out of style. From the historic Dam Square to the fun-loving Leidseplein, every inch of this stunning city offers a stag party something different. Eat, drink and be merry in the pleasure capital of the Netherlands. Come Summer or Winter, this Dutch destination comes up trumps. If you're after a hearty serving of debauchery in a first-class setting, having your final fling before the ring in Amsterdam is the way forward.

A stag party in Amsterdam always comes up with the goods!

You can't go wrong in a city which is famed for its liberal outlook on life, and a 24/7 attitude to partying. A safe but really wild bet, why gamble with the groom's final fling before the ring when you can back a beauty and be 100% sure of giving the big lad a brilliant time? 

Nowhere delivers debauchery quite like this city of canals. Stag weekends were pretty much made with this city in mind. Even if the groom's a 'Dam virgin, he'll still have heard of the infamous Red Light District. Who hasn't? Your stag do in this city doesn't have to be all about the neon lights, but you can't come to the 'Dam and not at least take a tour of her famously wicked district.

Our Latest Amsterdam Stag Weekend Reviews

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Chris - Amsterdam - Monday 19th August 2013

Hi Emma,

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your hard work. The weekend was a big success and everything ran smoothly (the stag seemed to enjoy it from what he can remember!). All the activities were brilliant although I wasn't so happy with finishing in 5th place in the Go-Karting! The reps were all early and very friendly.

I will send some pictures soon once they have been filtered!

If I know of any stag events happening in the future or if I am best man again I will definitely be contacting you.

Thanks again,

Stag Activities In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is famous among staggers for its wide options when it comes to activities. From stag party classics like paintball, karting and quad biking to the local specials like canal rides and Heineken brewery tours, the city has got you covered.

1. Beer Biking

While most fun on a stag weekend revolves around nocturnal adventures, don't let the sunlight hours stop you from indulging in some fun. Explore the city by hopping on a beer bike manned by a sober driver. There is nothing like chugging a couple of cold beers on a sunny day in the company of your best friends.

The beer bike tours take you through the city's popular hotspots and is a great activity for staggers. So why not add this deal of an activity as its great for the amount of fun you'd have.

2. A Factory Experience

Imagine Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but with chilled beer!

Visiting a brewery is always a great idea for a stag activity; after all, the stag weekend is all about getting your fill of the booze.

Situated inside a windmill, the century old Heineken Beer Factory in Amsterdam grants special attention and tours to staggers. You get to chug a variety of freshly brewed complimentary booze while a guide runs you through the history of Heineken. You are also taken on an exclusive tour of the brewery-come-museum, to make you more knowledgeable about beer production.

3. Get Your Fill of the Thrill

Strengthen your camaraderie with the lads over the one thing every man loves-sports! Go for go-karting and race your mates on track, or engage in the hide, seek and shoot of paintball.

As the sun starts to set, you could treat yourselves to an exclusive canal tour with complimentary drinks and prepare yourselves for the night ahead. Add a game of poker to the mix and let the good times roll.

Amsterdam Nightlife

1. Guided Bar Crawls

When it comes to nightlife, Amsterdam's is unparalleled. The city's pubs are some of the best in the world, which is why you must explore all the famous bars and pubs to make the most of your experience. Our guided pub crawls take you through all the famous bars and clubs in the city's hippest areas. The historic street of Warmoesstraat is known to have the best bars . It is also close to De Wallen, the famous red light district, giving you the best of two worlds.

Drinks are fairly cheaper in some bars with special concessions and arrangements for a group of staggers to take your party spirits up a notch. So go bar hopping, enjoy your choice of poison, soak in the vibe and then go off to another bar until you can party no more.

2. Dinner and Strip Show

The Amsterdam Striptease Dinner combines two of a man's most innate desires. But make sure to keep the soon-to-be groom in the loop before surprising him to a striptease dinner. Not every groom wants a strip show on his stag.

The dinner is privately held in a restaurant. Enjoy a drink or two at the bar before your three course fine meal and prepare for a culinary experience like never before.

Where All The Fun Is

1. Dam Square - It is a popular locale in Amsterdam rich in historic sites like the Royal Palace and the more light-hearted Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. It is also worth visiting for some great bars and restaurants.

2. Amsterdam's Chinatown - If you are a stag group that loves food, this is the ultimate spot for you. With restaurants serving the best of oriental cuisine in the heart of Europe, you'll go on a food journey like never before. Wash down the meal with a drink and relieve yourself from the food coma.

3. Leidseplein - Situated in the heart of Amsterdam, the busy square is one of the city's most famous nightlife spots with an abundance of music venues, dance clubs and bars.

4. Jordaan - In Central Amsterdam is one of the city's most up and coming neighbourhoods dotted with several galleries, upscale patio restaurants and streets bustling with melodies of musicians.

One of the most primary attractions of the neighbourhood is the house of Anne Frank that is well worth the visit.

Reasons To Visit Amsterdam

1. Canals - Amsterdam boasts a whopping 165 canals. The town is dominated by boats floating on the canal waters; speaking of which, a boat trip is the perfect way to go sightseeing in Amsterdam.

2. NDSM-Werf - For a century, the area served as the city's biggest shipyard manufacturing and repairing small as well as big ships. It is only fitting then that Amsterdam's art community has now take over the district to create a true spectacle of sculptures and street-art for everyone to enjoy.

3. Multicultural Communities - There are more than a 100 different communities residing in Amsterdam. This lends a warm and welcoming touch to the city where a bunch of British lads like you won't stick out like a sore thumb, unless you choose to dress in quirky and funny stag outfits.

4. A mix of delicacies - from scrumptious to out rightly strange that you and the lads can identify with. While the city offers a wide range of mouth-watering delicacies, there is also a 'raw herring with a side of onions' that you eat with bare hands. On your no holds barred Amsterdam stag do, try out the strange delicacies of the Dutch.

5. Beer beer and more beer - The Dutch know the craft of making the perfect beer. Their beers are arguably delicious with a strong punch that hits the right spot, exactly the kind you and the lads owe yourselves. The beer bikes and beer cycles further combine drinking and sightseeing. Hop onto one and explore the city on wheels while chugging beer.

6. Bar Mania - With a whopping 1500 plus bars and cafes, there would be one hell of a bar crawl in Amsterdam. While you won't be able to visit all of them, try hitting as many bars as you can.

7. Red Light District Tour - While the De Wallen district is more famous for its kinky establishments, there is so much more to the district that you must not miss. Head off with a guide to explore the backstreets dotted by shops, bustling bars and some epic clubs to boot.

8. Anne Frank's House - Although it isn't a quintessential stag activity, if you and the lads are culture vultures and could do with a touch of history on your Amsterdam stag do, a visit to this historical landmark is a must for a sobering experience that you'll never forget. Book your tickets in advance if you plan to visit.

9. Blijburg aan Zee - While Amsterdam is no beach city, don't let that stop you from slipping into your swimming trunks. The Blijburg aan Zee is the city's artificial island that gives off a perfect laid-back beach vibe. There's even a bar in the vicinity where you can grab some drinks to enjoy. The island is no match to a real beach, but when the temperature soars, you'll struggle to notice the difference.

10. Safety - When you plan a stag do, out of the many factors you keep in mind, one that is of prime importance is safety. You don't want your crew of groomsmen and the groom to be in the mouth of any danger. When you plan your stag do in Amsterdam, be well assured of your safety. Amsterdam is one of the safest cities in the world with a surprisingly low crime rate and a welcoming atmosphere.

More Information

What Makes Amsterdam The Ideal Choice For A Stag Weekend?

What doesn't? From posh bars to the infamous Red Light District, legal marijuana to the best beers, renaissance architecture to a vibrant art scene, canals to artificial islands, the city has everything you imagined in your wildest dreams. This is what makes an Amsterdam stag so popular. The city is liberal, cultural, safe and extremely friendly.

There is a plethora of activities to keep you engaged, and a pulsating nightlife that sets a standard that you'll have to go a long way to beat.

Best Time To Visit Amsterdam

As a major European capital and a cultural hotspot, there is plenty that goes on in Amsterdam throughout the year. As far as the climate goes, it is quite akin to that of the UK, which means springtime, summers and autumns are ideal for an Amsterdam stag do.

The city is also abuzz with events all year round. If you want to immerse in the Dutch culture, you can time your Amsterdam stag weekend with the happening festivals like Indiestad Music Festival, Harbour Festival, Kwakoe Festival and more.

Halloweens are big in Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Spook Costume Party is a must attend. The city also hosts the London Calling Music Festival in November, adding a homely touch to your weekend.

If there's one thing Amsterdam stag weekends can't afford to miss, it's De Wildman. Choose from over 200 different varieties of beer from all over Europe. Don't expect to move far from your barstool, you'll be in for the evening if you start off here! The city boasts over 1000 bars, clubs, and coffee shops and has a late license, so expect to be still rocking the city come sunrise if you've got the stamina. Amsterdam stag weekends have no worries scoring beers and breakfast at 6AM.

Amsterdam stag weekends can take the party to the water with a Bar Crawl by Canal Boat. This one takes care of absolutely everything and will give the groom a right royal send-off. See the city's hotspots and stop off in the best Dutch bars for beers, with unlimited (no word of a lie!) drinks on board to keep everyone's alcohol levels topped up. Amsterdam stag weekends wouldn't be complete without some good old-fashioned nakedness. If you don't fancy doing the strip clubs, bring the action on board instead. Club together and send the groom off with memories of G-strings, acres of cleavage, and of course, sinful amounts of whipped cream. Where would we be without it?

Amsterdam stag weekends can be about more than bar-hopping. It's no mean feat, but if you can drag the boys away from the Dutch ales, it's well worth doing so. If you take the pre-arranged approach and sort a few daytime activities out before you fly, you'll be laughing. We're pros at setting Amsterdam stag weekends up with indoor and outdoor pursuits. Activities are our thing and we're always looking for new ways of keeping you lot occupied.

Now that you know everything about a stag do in Amsterdam, it is time to loop in the groomsmen and the groom and fly them out for an epic boys' trip. If you have more time at your disposal, add a twist to your journey and hop on a ferry-ride to travel to the city. Once there, our package deals will give you a weekend packed with activities and entertainment. From a spectacular culture trip to tours of the best bars, cafes and districts, you'll have an experience par excellence on your Amsterdam stag.

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