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Do sun and fun with a Brighton stag weekend...

A Brighton Stag Party offers a heady blend of beaches, bars, and brilliant activities. Trendier and sexier than Newquay, "London-by-the-sea" is a crafty destination if you're torn between a town and beach break. Why settle for one when you can have your cake and scoff it?

Brighton is lively, colourful, creative, and full of utterly bonkers party people on a mission to enjoy the moment. Where else in Britain could you expect to see a guy on stilts wearing a huge jester hat nonchalantly walking down the beach at noon? Expect high times, mad moments, and late nights. Tell the boss not to expect you in 'til Tuesday. Brighton stag dos are pretty hefty events.

A mere two hours from London, this upmarket coastal hotspot is easily accessible if you've got chaps coming from different places. The town centre is compact and dead easy to navigate, but big enough to keep everyone entertained for the entire weekend. The weather is always a few degrees warmer, and the atmosphere crackles after sunset when the hedonists come out to play.

Party seaside on a Brighton stag do!

Come for the beach. Come for the beer. Come for the clubs, beach parties, and insane activities. Whatever you're into, a Brighton stag party will supply it in spades. Brighton caters for beer boys, clubbers, adrenaline junkies, culture vultures, foodies, and hipsters.

There's a plethora of proper boozers serving locally brewed real ale, trendy bars, cool clubs, strip joints, award-winning restaurants, comedy clubs, casinos, quirky shops, landmarks and attractions. You'll soon see why Brighton is regarded as a miniature London. There's certainly no shortage of cool stuff to do during the day and after dark.

What with all the boozing, clubbing and lap dances you'd think there wasn't much else to do, but you'd be very wrong. Whether you settle on smashing it around in a Hovercraft or maintaining a deadly focus while Clay Pigeon Shooting you'd better make some room in the stag weekend diary.

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