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Top Worldwide Stag Do Destinations

Find The Best Stag Do Locations Worldwide

Make the big man's stag weekend a great escape with our worldwide destinations. We're on a mission to conquer the world, and you lot are coming along for the ride. With some of the most exciting cities, beach breaks and long-haul locations on the menu, it'll be one hell of a tour. The groom will go out with a mighty ROAR!

There are worldwide destinations to suit all styles of stag weekend. Up for a slice of Indiana Jones-style action and adventure? Head for Marrakech and get lost in a labyrinth of souks. Fancy jetting off to the city of rum, giant cigars, coffee and classic cars? Go see our man in Havana.

One for the bucket list, a stag do in Las Vegas is guaranteed to be legendary! We'll book rooms in a casino hotel and arrange limo transfers. Just don't lose the groom or let the best man marry a lap dancer! Cancun is also worth checking out if you want casinos, beaches and superclubs in one sweet spot.

If that little lot doesn't get you rubbing your hands with glee, how about Moscow or St Petersburg? Worldwide destinations don't get much more exciting than Russia! Gather your comrades and fly over for cheap vodka, hot blondes, and amazing sights like the Kremlin and Red Square.

Want to get the big guns out? If balls-out insanity is the order of business, we've got a Bangkok stag party package that'll turn your hair white!

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