Poznan Stag Party Packages

None of the usual destinations tickling your fancy? Have a butcher's at this little Polish party piece. A Poznan Stag Party is brand new on the scene and already attracting attention for all the right reasons. Think all-nighters in the bars and clubs, ball-bustingly good activities, and plenty of female students to keep you company on your last weekend of freedom. Sounds like a plan, no?

Expect to be pleasantly surprised when you hit Poznan. Stag parties in this city come with a top notch backdrop. Party hard amidst twisted spires, kooky statues, and magnificent buildings. You'll also save a packet.

The Poznan stag weekend is a relatively new thing, and this is one of those rare cities that still serve up food and booze at bargain basement prices. However, you can't keep a city like this under wraps for long, so best get your backsides over pronto, chaps.

She may be an old girl at over 1000 years old, but Poznan pulls no punches when it comes to clubbing. The Poznan stag night is a classic in the making and comes with as much booze and big beats as a man can possibly handle. There are nightspots dotted around town, but the best place to be for Poznan stag nights is undoubtedly Stary Rynek, the Old Town Square. Its candy coloured buildings and cobbles may charm by day, but after dark this area shifts the action up a few gears.

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