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Krakow Stag Party Weekend Ideas

Discover Krakow on your stag weekend...

Krakow Stag Party has become a firm favourite over the past couple of years for sending the groom off. If you're looking for a city that parties hard by night and chills by day, come to Krakow it won't leave you wanting and all the lads will be impressed by this Eastern European gem!

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Stag parties are up for a right royal time of it in this ancient city. It combines traditional Polish culture with those little contemporary vices we all know and love! It's a pretty heady combination that's bound to keep the lads satisfied from dusk til dawn.

Stag dos can be held all over Europe these days, so what makes Krakow so special? Good question. How long have you got?

Nightlife, culture, fun a Krakow stag do has it all!

Krakow offers all the attractions and temptations a group of lads up for high jinks could possibly want, at prices that won't give anyone sleepless nights. Flights are affordable and last just 3 hours, you can eat vast quantities of excellent grub on the cheap, and the beers come at around £1 a pint.

If you want to spend less on the basics and more on the fun stuff, a single life send off in Krakow is well worth a look. There are beer gardens to sup in during summer, cool basement clubs crammed with pretty local ladies, and plenty of outdoor pursuits to get the adrenaline levels soaring. A Krakow stag party ticks all the boxes. Book a break in this city and you're laughing.

It's no bad thing to be on the loose for a few days of partying in a city that boasts twisting spires, cobbled streets, and palaces. There's no two ways about it; lads celebrating in Krakow gives a pretty impressive backdrop to booze against.

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Our Latest Krakow Stag Weekend Reviews

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Daniel Harding - Krakow - Saturday 16th July 2016

Hi Charlie & Emma,

Just a quick note to say thanks for all your help in organising the weekend we have just had in Krakow for Clive's stag.

Everything ran like clockwork and the guys who looked after us the other end were also amazing and couldn't do enough to help.

Thanks again for all your help :-)



Matt - Krakow - Saturday 2nd March 2013

Hi Emma,

We came back from my brothers stag yesterday and I wanted to say thank you for all you help with organising it for me.

We had a brilliant time and will talk about it for years!!!

Thank you

Krakow Stag Activities

When it comes to stag activities, Krakow doesn't disappoint. The city is not short on adventure. Get your adrenaline going with stag party favourite quad biking or the ever terrifying, but equally fun white water rafting.

1. Start your Krakow stag do with a bang, literally. Krakow has an impressive shooting range where you can let loose with authentic AK-47s. If that is too extreme for you, try the classic stag activities like paintball or ASG shooting.

2. If you want some thrill and adventure on your stag do then our action and driving activities are perfect. Tame the wild waters while white water rafting. What takes the experience up a notch is you get to do it on an Olympic raft course. If you want to steer clear of the water and search for some adventure on land, there are many options; head for go-karting and quad biking, if you fancy doing a more traditional stag activity.

3. However, if all you want is to kick back and relax, try some relaxing Krakow stag activities- Take a balloon ride over Krakow and enjoy the stunning aerial view of the city, or take a nice boat cruise down the river. You can add some spice to the boat cruise by having a stripper onboard.

4. Krakow also has many sights for you to explore. Take a buggy tour around Krakow to see the communist sights in Nowa Huta and the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp. If you have time on hands, do visit Wieliczka Salt Mine. This 13th century mine is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the most visited attraction in Poland. Would be a shame if you miss out on the visit!

Must See

1. Main Square - The Main Square oozes a beautiful medieval charm, giving you that 'Game of Thrones' kind of vibe. The Square has the best restaurants, bars and music venues for you to enjoy. However, expect to pay a little more than you're used to in Krakow. This part of the city is a little pricey. For a stag on a budget, stick to the Old Town.

2. Planty Park - If you need a quiet place to cope with your hangovers and wait for the world to stop spinning, then Planty Park is your spot. As the city's biggest park, it offers plenty of room and a serene setting to rest for a bit and recuperate for a wild night ahead.

Krakow Nightlife

What happens when you take an ancient Polish capital, fill it with upbeat cafes, hip bars and clubs, add some outrageous and wild activities and then shake this up with a generous measure of stags and young tourists visiting for an unhinged holiday? The explosive cocktail that is Krakow's nightlife! Add to this our exclusive stag activities and you've got yourselves a stag party to remember.

1. Vodka Tasting and Oil Wrestling

The evening starts off with a fine selection of Polish vodkas presented to you by a professional bartender along with a large platter of snacks to help soak up all that alcohol. Once you're nicely warmed up by the vodka, head over to the adjacent room to watch two girls battling it out in the ring covered in oil. We'll even give the stag a chance to join in the action for the last round. Sounds like a perfect start to your evening, isn't it?

2. Stripper Banquet

With all the alcohol you've been consuming since your arrival, it is likely you'll pass out within an hour of entering a nightclub. To avoid that bummer, it's definitely worth getting some good food to soak all of the alcohol up. We provide a number of stag dining options in Krakow ranging from classics such as a steak meal through to some traditional Polish feast. Our most popular options however happens to be 'Stripper Banquet' and yes, it is exactly what you think it is. A large two course steak meal to start off with two beers per person, and then a private strip show for dessert. What could be better?

We also provide a number of standard Krakow nightlife options such as VIP strip club or VIP nightclub entry to make the stags feel special on the stag weekend.

Reasons To Visit Krakow

1. Dragon Breath - The city is protected by a dragon; well, atleast a legend says so. Sounds fascinating, right! Check for the fumes yourself on your visit.

2. St. Mary's Basilica - One of the city's biggest landmarks in Krakow, St. Mary's is steeped in a deep history. It's stunning architecture makes it look like something out of a video game. For all you gamers, this is worth a visit solely to guess what it most resembles to.

3. Last Call - Unlike back home where the clubs start shutting down by 11:00 pm or midnight, the clubs in Krakow start warming up at those hours. The bars and clubs stay open till the wee hours of the morning, which means you get hours and hours of untamed adventure in Krakow's hippest boozers.

4. Nowa Huta - This happens to be the only district in the world that was built to match Stalin's vision of a communist utopia. You can't possibly miss visiting this rare district with a strong history behind it.

5. Old Town - Brimming with some of the best restaurants, bars and clubs (300 plus to be more precise), this oldest part of the city is well worth a look to stop off and toast the groom with a traditional local brew.

6. Bar Crawl - With its umpteen bars and clubs, each with a unique outlook and touch, a bar crawl in Krakow is definitely a one of its kind. Enjoy all the beery good times before stepping into a luxurious lap dancing club. That's the ultimate stag dream after all!

More Information

Is It Affordable Though?

YES! The city is among the cheapest European destinations for a stag do. You can drink to your hearts' content and go all out and still have enough to spare, as long as you spend responsibly. The average pint cost is a mere £1.50. Can it get any better than that? We doubt it!

To make it even better for you, our Krakow stag packages give you the best of the city at a fair price. The packages are tailor made for all kinds of stag. You may also build your own packages to suit your needs and requirements. You'll not only save the money but also have your whole weekend planned out for you, so you won't have to spend your time planning your day's itinerary. Just sit back, enjoy and go with the flow.

What's keeping you then? Book your flights and fly the lads out to the Polish city to give the groom the ultimate send-off!

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