Brussels Stag Do Party Packages

If you're in charge of planning a massive single life send off for the groom and you need a bit of inspiration or help, we've got your back. We've partied in this chocolate lovers paradise and know all the best places to party, eat, sleep and drink with your Brussels Stag Party

Want a big stag weekend? Think Brussels!

Want to make planning a stag weekends super simple? Check out our list of stag party packages. They include everything a group of lads on the loose could need to send off the single life, including accommodation, stag night meals, erotic entertainment, nightlife, activities and more. Can't find the perfect one for your final fling before the ring? No problem! Our stag party planners are brilliant at creating bespoke stag weekends with the wow factor.

Make the groom's Brussels stag party one to remember...

One word: BEER! Brussels is a dream stag do destination for beer connoisseurs. The Belgians know a thing or two when it comes to brilliant brewskis. Pack your bags, grab cheap flights, round up the usual suspects and spend your stag weekend quaffing Belgian beer at the city's cafes and quality boozers. It's the perfect way to kickstart your stag party spirit when you get to Belgium!

Tread the cobbles and check out all sorts of utterly bonkers brain-blasting sights. We're talking about the Atomium, a 300ft model of an iron crystal made with 200-ton balls of steel. They don't come much more massive than that, folks! Unleash your inner geek at one of the city's many quirky museums. These places are known for covering everything from comic books to chocolate. Speaking of which, you'd better grab a couple of boxes for the ladies. Brussels is, of course, the home of Belgian chocolate. Come back empty handed and you're bound to get a clip round the ear.

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From £149.00 Per Person

Beer Beer Beer

From £165.00 Per Person

Bottoms Up

From £120.00 Per Person

He Shoots He Scores

From £193.00 Per Person

Brussels Stag Do Ideas - Crossbows
On Target

From £208.00 Per Person

Sexy Shenanigans

From £219.00 Per Person

Brussels Stag Do Ideas - Stripper Banquet
Sizzlin Send Off

From £175.00 Per Person

Taste of Belgium

From £149.00 Per Person