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Carpet of flowers installation at the Grand Palace. Discover Brussels Stag Party ideas below:

Brussels Stag Party Weekend Ideas

Brussels Stag Party is ideal if you're in charge of planning a massive single life send off for the groom, and you need a bit of inspiration or help, we've got your back. We've partied in this chocolate lovers paradise and know all the best places to party, eat, sleep and drink. 

Want a big stag weekend? Think Brussels!

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Build Your Own Brussels Stag Party Below

Want to make planning a stag weekends super simple? Check out our list of stag party packages. They include everything a group of lads on the loose could need to send off the single life, including accommodation, stag night meals, erotic entertainment, nightlife, activities and more. Can't find the perfect one for your final fling before the ring? No problem! Our stag party planners are brilliant at creating bespoke stag weekends with the wow factor.

Make the groom's Brussels stag party one to remember...

One word: BEER! Brussels is a dream stag do destination for beer connoisseurs. The Belgians know a thing or two when it comes to brilliant brewskis. Pack your bags, grab cheap flights, round up the usual suspects and spend your stag weekend quaffing Belgian beer at the city's cafes and quality boozers. It's the perfect way to kickstart your stag party spirit when you get to Belgium!

Tread the cobbles and check out all sorts of utterly bonkers brain-blasting sights. We're talking about the Atomium, a 300ft model of an iron crystal made with 200-ton balls of steel. They don't come much more massive than that, folks! Unleash your inner geek at one of the city's many quirky museums. These places are known for covering everything from comic books to chocolate. Speaking of which, you'd better grab a couple of boxes for the ladies. Brussels is, of course, the home of Belgian chocolate. Come back empty handed and you're bound to get a clip round the ear.

Brussels Stag Activities

Brussels is perfect for an accessible and fun filed stag do. In addition to its vibrant Walloon and Flemish cultures, there are many Brussels stag activities to make your weekend memorable.

1. Escape Room

This is the perfect stag activity that allows you to work together and strengthen your bond. You and the lads are locked in a room and you have to work together to break out! For that you have to solve a few riddles and mysteries to find a key and escape the room; all within an hour! Sounds challenging and fun right? This super friendly and affordable activity is ideal for your first day when you have a clear mind, devoid of booze.

2. Brewery Tours

Since the brain activity is already out and done, you can finally indulge in some boozy fun. Beer and Brussels are almost synonymous to each other. After all, the Belgian Beer culture has been listed as a part of humanity's world heritage. The city has countless bars and restaurants where beer plays a prominent role.

For interesting insight into the beer brewing, the different varieties of beer and a range of Belgian beers, a visit to a brewery is a must! While many new breweries are now opening up opting for a far more nuanced approach to beer production, there are still many traditional breweries that stick to the age old techniques and are a delight to visit. Your Brussels stag is incomplete without a brewery tour.

3. Turkish Baths

Looking for some relaxation or had one too many drinks last night? We've got just the thing. Drag the lads into Brussels' finest Turkish baths for an excellent hangover cure. Close to the city is a quality bath house offering you the ultimate relaxation session to bring you back from your horrible hungover state. There's a sauna, a steam room, a hot tub and a chillout room to help rid the toxins out of your bloodstream, put you back in shape and give you ample time to relax and dip in the cold water. Trust us, there's nothing better than a Turkish bath to help you come back to life again.

3. Beer Tasting

You can't visit Brussels and not try the umpten beer variety it has. Beer tasting is the ideal way to understand the craft of Belgian beer production and try as many varieties as you possibly can.

In a huge Belgian beer hall, you'll get the chance to sample four varieties of blonde beer. Sounds simple? Well, you've got over 2,600 varieties to pick from. But don't worry, our resident beer expert will help you pick the best and guide you through the rest while personalising a menu for your stag group. As you sip the different beers, a beer guide will reveal the secrets behind its brewing process, how the colour, depth and flavour of each one is achieved.

4. Sporty Action

It isn't just about beer in Brussels (it is majorly, but not entirely). You can also engage in some adventure and fun on your Brussels stag weekend. The city offers many classic stag activities for your group to enjoy. From the challenging yet quirky Bubble Football to the competitive and strategic Paintball, you have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to sports.

Brussels Nightlife

The nightlife in Brussels is slightly composed and quieter than other European cities, but this doesn't mean that there isn't a great number of pubs, bars and nightclubs. Some of the city's districts and localities are dotted with plenty of bars and pubs that offer amazing ambience and great drinks each evening. Adding to its charm are a number of lively night markets in Brussels that are popular among locals and tourists alike.

1. Stripper Banquet

Yes, it is what you think it is - endless beer, loads of lovely Belgian delicacies and some kinky live entertainment! The stripper banquet is the ultimate stag activity to kick start your wild nocturnal adventures.

You'll be taken to one of the finest restro-bars in the city where live musicians belt out classic tunes. What awaits you is a four-course meal and an open bar to sip the best Belgian beers. For the dessert hour, a lovely stripper will put on a show and show you and the lads a good time. Undoubtedly, this dinner will stay in your memory for a long long time!

2. Cruising In A Limo

There's only one way for a stag party to travel- in a luxurious limo. It is a special weekend after all, and you deserve a taste of regal luxury. Transport of choice for presidents and movie stars, the Lincoln will undeniably get you a lot of female attention as you cruise through the city streets.

The VIP Limo takes you for an hour long ride, with plenty of champagne on board and some kick ass music adding to the vibe. What more does a stag want!

3. Pub Crawl

With its umpteen bars and pubs, there is no leaving Brussels without going on a serious pub crawl. This world capital of beery brilliance is a favourite among stags that are lovers of all things beer related, and with our local expert leading the way you'll discover why.

Once an uptight city, Brussels is now a funky cosmopolitan hub with plenty to offer. Embark on a four hour pub crawl through the most happening pubs and bars of the city. With ample time at your disposal, and an expert guide helping you navigate, you'll get the best of the city.

What sets a Brussels pub crawl apart from the rest is that there is no set route; all your guide does is simply give suggestions, leaving it up to you to pick the ones that sound the best to you. You can visit as many bars as you like and the guide will make sure they stay open just for your stag group. Way to make yourselves feel like VIPs!

More Information

Why Opt For A Brussels Stag Do?

Beer, beer and more beer! The city is known to produce the darkest and strongest beers and offers an experience of boozy excellence to the stags.

Besides, ales and beer, what sets Brussels apart is that it is a fairly new stag destination. That doesn't mean it isn't enough to make for an epic stag, it is simply branching out from being a diplomatic city to a funky one with enough to give you a stag of your dreams. So while your Amsterdam, Barcelona and Ibiza are crowded with countless stag and hens, Brussels is fairly cleaner, giving you and the lads ample breathing space to enjoy the city to its maximum. After all, who likes waiting in long queues at bars, restaurants and attractions!

Is It Cheap Though?

Not exactly cheap, but a Brussels stag do will be light on your pocket. A pint of fine Belgian beer in Brussels costs around £ 2.60 which is slightly cheaper than the one you get back home.

To help you save more, Stag Weekends offers packages tailored to your preferences at a great price. You can also build your own package according to your needs and requirements and save your money. You'll have your weekend planned out for you, so you won't have to stress about planning a daily itinerary. All you have to do is go with the flow.

Brussels stag weekend offer a wide array of experience for your stag. If you're artistically inclined, foodies or lovers of a wild nightlife that beams until the daylight, Brussels will be the ideal destination to celebrate your stag. From the brewery tours to a VIP Nightclub entry and a Limo ride, you're in for an epic experience in the city.

Book your flights and fly the group out to the Belgian capital. The city has plenty in store for you to give the groom a stag weekend of his dreams.

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