Galway Stag Do Party Packages's just for the craic...

This is perhaps the most authentic destination for a Galway Stag Party in Ireland - step out into the heaving streets of a weekend, and in between the sounds of hardcore merrymaking you'll make out the sounds of the Irish language being spoken. The locals are fiercely proud of their heritage, and extremely friendly to the stag that shows an interest. If you're looking for late-night ceilidhs and rowdy drinking parties, you just found the real gem in the emerald crown.

It's great craic for any shower of savages!

The pubs are ancient, well looked-after and bursting at the seams with happy students and bonhomous old men. The streets are winding and filled with revellers. Galway, they say, is on the way into the 21st century: but as far as the city itself is concerned, having fun is simply a way of life. Who needs a pounding superclub when you can dance like a madman to four fine colleens playing fiddles?

Students account for a solid quarter of Galway's population, and the stag do that wants a drink deal or two will find plenty of action in vibrant bars that cater for the younger crowd. Wherever you go, excess is the name of the game. This is a city that knows how to have fun!

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Galway Night at the Dogs - Stag Do Activities - Stag Weekends
Bets On

From £159.00 Per Person

Galway Bubble Party - Stag Party Ideas - Stag Weekends
Bubble Party

From £155.00 Per Person

Gaelic Experience

From £169.00 Per Person

Head to Head

From £165.00 Per Person

Galway Paintball Party - Stag Do Activities - Stag Weekends
Paintball Party

From £160.00 Per Person

Galway Poppin Pigeons - Stag Do Activities - Stag Weekends
Poppin Pigeons

From £175.00 Per Person