Bratislava Stag Party Packages

Beautiful women and stunning scenery that's what you'll find on a Bratislava stag do!

Heard the world about having a Bratislava Stag Party? No? Where's your head at? Forget the usual cities and have a butchers at Bratislava. Stag weekends in Slovakia are the way to go at the moment. You've got everything from brilliant beers to magnificent sights and scenery. Add a constant stream of beautiful women into the mix and you've got one pretty tasty destination on your hands.

Bratislava stag weekends live up to all the hype. Yep, we know that's a pretty bold claim, but we're willing to back it up. If you're up for exploring a different destination, this one should be in your top 3 choices.

Move a Bratislava stag party to the top of your bucket list...

Why? Because Bratislava offers the complete package: summer and winter activities galore, a thriving nightlife scene, fun-loving local girls up for partying, and a spectacular backdrop to boot. The city has the best of both worlds: old school charm and contemporary temptations aplenty. You'll find casinos and clubs nestled in amongst the statues and churches. This city blends the historic and modern in equal measures and the results are awesome.

Your lad's weekend away can be spiced up with all sorts of little extras. From Steak and Strippers to Paintball and Football, this city is excellent for keeping the boys fully occupied at all hours of the day and night.

You won't have a single dull second in this bubbly city and the boys won't be cleaned out of cash.

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As this is such a special occasion, go for VIP Strip Club Entrance and enjoy the best view from a reserved table, with a free beer for each person to get you started. Looking for a really memorable experience? Bratislava stag weekends can check out Mud Fighting. It'll be talked about for years to come. Take 2 (or 4 if you can handle the excitement) naked girls, add copious quantities of mud and watch the writhing, slithering mass of assets rolling around. Mud fighting also gives you the golden opportunity to stitch up the groom. Chuck him in the pool with the girls and see if he's up to handling a 4-girl situation.

It's obvious Bratislava stag weekends have more than a handful at night, but what about the daytime? There's no rest for the wicked in this mad metropolis, so you lot are going to be knackered! Want a selection of classic activities? Bratislava stag weekends have Karting, Quad Bikes, and Paintballing on tap. If you want to get rid of hangovers quick smart, a 5-a-side football match against a local team should do the trick. After all, you wouldn't want to let the local lads get the better of your group!