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Cloudy skies over the Catholic Church of Pentecost. Discover Lodz Stag Party ideas below:

Lodz Stag Party Weekend Ideas

Lodz Stag Party has hit the circuit and it's taking no prisoners. Welcome to 'woodge'! No we're not pulling your leg, that is actually how you pronounce 'Lodz'. Joking aside, we all know that Poland is undoubtedly the place to be for grooms in training, weird names notwithstanding. 

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Gents, it's time to cut loose one final time with the usual suspects for a few days of unforgettable partying - Polish style. If you fancy checking out one of the new stag cities that have popped up on the radar recently, Lodz should be on your hitlist. Let's face it, you can't go wrong in a spot that's been dubbed the 'Manchester of Poland.'

What's in store on a Lodz stag party? Why should you pick this particular Polish city above all others?

In short, Lodz stag parties have the lot - the girls are gorgeous, the vibe young and lively, and there are enough activities to satisfy even the most hardcore chap. And let's not forget the beers. If you're up for a booze-and-bravado style break, a Lodz stag weekend will fit the bill. So far, Lodz hasn't been swamped by the masses so you can forward to cheap beers in the bars and a warm welcome from the locals. All roads point to Eastern Europe's undiscovered gem. Get over before the cat's out of the bag and everyone else gets wind of the high times to be had on a Lodz stag night.

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