Ayia Napa Stag Party Packages

Looking for a hard partying Ayia Napa Stag Party, full of sun, sea and everything that goes with them? Chaps, you just found your ticket to paradise. Ayia Napa is the original hedonist's island. OK, so it's younger than 'Biza in terms of reputation, but what it loses in youth it makes up for in enthusiasm. Pack your glow sticks, your fluorescent headbands, and a plastic whistle on a string. Sleep is for the weak!

Napa's spectacular white-sand beaches are crowded with tourists every summer. In daylight hours, it's hard to find a spot that isn't covered with spaced-out ravers, recovering beer boys and beach babes. At night, the question isn't'where shall we go? 'but'have we got time to go everywhere? 'Ayia Napa's streets are crammed with epic bars, where the drinks deals are plenty and the clientele up for a good time. And that's before you even think about the nightclubs...

While you may not have heard of the venues themselves, the big-name DJs and dance brands taking over every summer tell you all you need to know. With Ministry of Sound and Addicted to Bass holding court at Macronissos, Club Aqua and River Reggae, a stag weekend in Ayia Napa is guaranteed to be a 24 hour party experience!

Be sure to check out Kandi Beach Party at Macronissos - Napa's liveliest and most legendary event, it gets bigger every season. Massive acts are guaranteed.

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