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Real ales, haunted pubs, and more Derby Stag Party ideas than you can shake a pint glass at make this city a top notch destination for your final fling before the ring! This belting little city has everything you could want - a compact centre, access to the Peak District, and dozens of shooting and driving activities. But most of all, it's full of beer.

A stag do in Derby is a stag do spent wandering from pint to pint, supping the finest brews in the Midlands! You'll be treated to local tipples from brilliant microbreweries, and craft ales from around the world in pubs that cater to the discerning fan of hoppy beverages. It isn't all wooly jumpers and frothy pint mugs, though. As well as some of the biggest real ale festivals in the UK, Derby's nightlife is served by a respectable selection of independent bars, mainly centred around the party-hearty areas of Sadlergate, Iron Gate and Friargate.

Derby is Britain's second-spookiest city, reportedly playing host to more ghosts and ghouls than almost anywhere else in the country. But you won't need things that go bump in the night to make you scream on your stag do! With some of the finest, funniest adrenaline activities in the UK within easy striking distance, Derby is a top choice for chaps who want to feel the blood pumping. There aren't many stag do destinations in which you can hunt zombies, or break out of prison, but Derby's one of them.

Can't decide between blasting holes in the undead and doing a bushcraft course? Don't worry! We've put together a selection of top stag do packages for you. They contain some of Derby's finest stag activities, and you get great deals on accommodation and meals too. Or, if you prefer to pick your own package from scratch, click on the 'Activities' tab.

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