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Aerial picture of the city and the Palma de Mallorca Marina on a sunny day. Discover Palma Stag Party ideas below:

Palma Stag Party Weekend Ideas

Palma will make your stag party proud!

Palma Stag Party, pay attention lads! If you're looking for an exotic stag weekend destination, which is known for its riotous clubbing, look no further than a Palma Stag Do for the big lad. The capital of the Balearics is home to half the population of the big island of Mallorca, and it's got the lot: we're talking sun, sand, sea, spectacular ancient architecture and enough activities to make your days and nights unforgettable whilst you're waving goodbye to the single life.

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Build Your Own Palma Stag Party Below

Come on, lads. We know how difficult it can be to bring everyone together for a stag weekend. That's why we've created our stag party packages. They're designed to take care of all your essentials or the entire weekend. They include everything from accommodation and activities to stag night meals, erotic entertainment and nightlife. If you can't find one that fits your stag party perfectly, get in touch. We're experts when it comes to sorting out tailored stag weekends that'll blow the big lad's final fling before the ring right out of the water.

Boom, baby! A stag weekend in Palma is massive...

Cultured chaps will love the architecture, both real and reproduced: in addition to all the classical buildings lining the palm-studded streets, you'll find an architectural museum here recreating the most iconic and legendary places in Spain. For a real treat visit the Cathedral; it's an awe-inspiring structure that'll give your stag party an air of sophistication. As for beer and good times, well, in a city which has an entire district devoted to getting your groove on, you know you're in for a massive treat. During the day, topping up your tan on the dazzling beaches is a must-do. Pack plenty of suncream and keep an eye out for famous faces. Ray Charles an Marlene Dietrich used to hang out here, and their legacy continues.

Palma de Mallorca mixes up the best bits of Barcelona - the architecture, the nightlife and the beaches - without the sprawling size (or the wallet-pounding prices). For a stag weekend which keeps all the lads happy - including the bank manager - Palma is muy bien!

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