Nottingham Stag Do Party Packages

Wave goodbye to the single life with a Nottingham stag do!

A Nottingham Stag Party takes the stag weekend to new heights of brilliance. It's a potent cocktail of clubs, bars, and cool activity experiences. If you want a rich and varied do, try a Nottingham stag weekend and get ready for the liveliest and most colourful bash in the UK.

Being on the doorstep of HQ means that we know a thing or two about what makes Nottingham a great party destination. We've scoped out some fantastic activities for those nervous best men without a clue.

A city with sack loads of character, Nottingham is the perfect place for a stag weekend. The locals love their city and are welcoming souls. Stag parties can enjoy a friendly reception and an awesome night out. You'll find every imaginable kind of bar and pub, from good old-fashioned boozers to totally hip bars in the middle of town. Add alternative live music hangouts and clubs playing the very latest tunes into the mix and you've got stag weekend fun for all.

A vibrant nightlife is just what a Nottingham stag party needs...

Take a night out in any direction you fancy. A traditional bar and club crawl may be on the agenda for the first night, but what about the second? If you don't want to do the same thing two nights running, what's the alternative?

We've got more activities to choose from than you can shake a stick at. Those with a penchant for poker can indulge gambling desires with an evening of Texas Hold 'Em. Bluff your way to more chips and sup until the wee small hours with a case of beer and bubbly. Or for a less sedate stag do idea, there is everything from roller-coasters to white water rafting and shooting. Whatever you go for, the lads aren't likely to forget about the weekend in

We also heard a little rumour that the woman to man ratio is weighted in favour of the former, so you'll have plenty of top totty to gaze at with a Nottingham Stag Party!

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Nottingham Stag Party Packages - Alton Towers
Alton Towers

From £169.00 Per Person

Nottingham Stag Party Packages - Paintball and Assault Course
Assault Challenge

From £127.00 Per Person

Nottingham Stag Do Ideas - Beer Goggle Football
Balls and Babes

From £203.00 Per Person

Nottingham Stag Party Packages - Battlefield

From £134.00 Per Person

Nottingham Stag Do Ideas - Beer Tasting
Beer and Boobies

From £112.00 Per Person

Nottingham Stag Do Ideas - Bubble Football
Bubble Party

From £182.00 Per Person

Nottingham Stag Party Packages - Budget Fun Booty
Budget Fun Booty

From £96.00 Per Person

Nottingham Stag Do Ideas - Hunter Games

From £142.00 Per Person

Our Latest Nottingham Stag Weekend Reviews

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- Nottingham - Saturday 28th October 2017

Firstly the staff were really friendly, helpful and responded to my queries quickly. Secondly I was always kept updated with all the details I needed. Thirdly everything was arranged effectively without errors such as the table booking for food, hotel and club pass. Lastly, they had an emergency number to call on the weekend which shows they have contingency planning for the safety of the guests. The price we paid was worth it. I would use them again in the future. 

- Nottingham - Saturday 7th October 2017

Very well planned couldn't fault a thing!

- Nottingham - Saturday 7th October 2017

Great service when booking. Activites/hotel all excellent - as described and expected. Would 100% use again and recommend.

- Nottingham - Saturday 22nd July 2017

Excellent customer service and friendly staff. Had a top weekend and a very good price.