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Sunny day on the Motlawa River. Discover Gdansk Stag Party ideas below:

Gdansk Stag Party Weekend Ideas

Go somewhere new! Do Gdansk for your stag do...

Gdansk Stag Party is the answer to your prayers if you're a best man desperately seeking a trendy city for the groom's last stand. Here's a refreshing change for those of you on the hunt for somewhere stylish in the Baltics. Word has it that Gdansk stag weekends are on a par with Monte Carlo and Cannes when it comes to classy clubs and well-heeled women.

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If the groom fancies himself as a bit of a James Bond figure, you've struck gold with Gdansk. Stag weekends celebrating in this chic party town have a pretty impressive list of things to look forward to. It's got the character and flavour you'd expect from an Eastern European destination, along with the playboy atmosphere of Puerto Banus.

Gdansk offers everything a stag party needs for a wild one!

Gdansk stag weekends also benefit from being in a town with a beach that attracts plenty of bikini-clad honeys in summer. This is the summer holiday of choice for the Polish, so expect an army of exotic stunners to take your party by storm! Speaking of parties, the nightlife scene is on the sexy and glamorous side, with casinos and clubs to check out. Gdansk stag weekends score on every level.

Gdansk stag weekends have a triple whammy of a destination to discover. The resort has joined forces with neighbouring towns Sopot and Gdynia to create what's known as TriCity. So you've got three times as many bars, clubs, restaurants, and girls to choose from! Gdansk boasts an old town bursting at the seams with clubs and cafes and is ripe for a Bar and Club Crawl of colossal proportions.

Have a browse through our pre-made stag party packages. We've included everything you need for a successful single life send off, including: accommodation, stag night dinners, erotic entertainment, nightlife and more.

Gdansk stag weekends looking for all the action will find it on the carnival that is Monte Cassino Street. This road has it all, and makes a bar crawl blessedly simple! There's plenty of free entertainment on tap at the hands of street performers, who give the area a breezy, bohemian vibe. Gdansk stag weekends are ideal for all you folks who fancy colour, spice, and culture with your nightspots. Whatever your poison, you'll find it in the late night cafes and clubs. Crazy, sexy, and seriously cool, a trip to Monte Cassino Street is a must for all Gdansk stag weekends. By the time you've had a few bevvies, you'll wonder whether the wavy Krzywy Dom building looked so trippy when you walked past it first time, or if it's just the booze working its magic. The clubbing scene is well worth sampling. Electronic beats and Latino tunes are the order of the day, so pull all your cutting-edge moves out and see who bites.

Gdansk stag weekends may be upmarket affairs, but that certainly doesn't mean you won't get to give the groom an explosive sendoff. The advantage of partying in a stylish resort is that you'll get a first-class strip show experience. Forget going to a busy lap dancing bar and let us bring the action straight to you instead. The Tits Ahoy deal is a little beauty and combines two of the best things about Gdansk stag weekends; sailing and strippers. This one is all about the girls. You'll be cruising down the beautiful Baltic coastline in the company of a gorgeous female guide, with lunch included. The climax to this little jolly is a private strip show, which will have everyone spluttering over their vodkas.

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