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Welcome to the wonderful world of shooters and stunners! Tallinn stag weekends are fully loaded and rock harder than AC/DC. There's a reason Tallinn stag weekends are attracting lads like bees to a honey pot. In fact, there are several.

Estonia's capital city has the pre-wedding party down pat. Think jaw-droppingly cheap beers and food, plenty of forbidden fruit, and the biggest range of pursuits on the planet. Tallinn stag weekends are the last word in entertainment. For those about to rock this incredible city, we salute you!

Ok, so what's on the menu in Tallinn? Stag weekends get to party right round the clock in a city that fuses exotic Eastern influences with Western culture. Everyone knows that when these two worlds collide, sparks fly. You'll see what we mean if you take a Hummer Limo Tour.

You can't beat a city that somehow manages to strike exactly the right tone between medieval charm and contemporary excitement. Tallinn stag weekends get to let loose in a town that boasts a skyline dotted with gold-topped turrets and twisting spires. The cobbled streets are pretty by day and resonate to the beat of party tunes by night. God knows how she does it, but Tallinn strikes the balance beautifully. Bars, clubs, casinos, and gentlemen's hangouts provide the entertainment, and the ancient monuments do the setting to stunning effect.


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