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Warsaw Skyline

Warsaw Stag Party Weekend Ideas

Give the big lad a wild stag weekend in Warsaw!

Warsaw Stag Party combines everything that's brilliant about Eastern Europe with everything you want from a more familiar destination. Bold, brash, and incredibly distinctive, this city is also Poland's most developed and easy to navigate. In other words, it's the perfect place for a group of inebriated chaps to have a brilliant time.

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There's something for everyone in this jumbled circus of a city. Warsaw is home to modern Western-style downtown buildings, Communist architecture, and Gothic areas that have been lovingly restored since the almost-total destruction of the city at the end of WWII. Fly above Warsaw on a stag do sightseeing trip, and you'll see the history of the 20th century laid out beneath you.

Want something more for your stag do? Choose Warsaw.

So yes, there's plenty for the culture vulture to do in Warsaw - but that's not all the city's about! Beautiful women, insane nightclubs and adrenaline activities galore make this a town you can have one hell of a good time in. Oh, and you can shoot Second World War submachine guns in historic ranges, too. Get some.

If you're looking for a stag weekend destination that mixes the mad with the modern and the classic with the totally unique, Warsaw's your girl. She'll give you everything you want and more.

Not sure where to start? Don't worry. We've put together a selection of great Warsaw stag do packages. They feature the best activities on offer in the city, great deals on accommodation, and tons of nightlife options too. Have a look at what we've got for you below, fill out a quote form, or call one of our stag party co-ordinators. Or, if you prefer to create your own package, take a look at our individual Warsaw stag party activities by clicking on the tab.

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