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Riga Stag Party Weekend Ideas

Riga Stag Do Weekends for Lads Who Want Something Unique!

Riga Stag Party is giving those in Prague and Amsterdam a serious run for their money. The liberal capital of Latvia has emerged as a red hot prospect, and offers the best clubs, bars and activities in the Baltics. A stag weekend in Riga ticks all the boxes and won't blow your budget right out of the water. Result!

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If you're looking for a city that's got a cosmopolitan atmosphere, a naughty but nice nightlife scene, and bags of old school charm, come to Riga. Stag parties can have it all in this ancient gem. It's a beauty of a city, combining Art Nouveau buildings with cobbled streets, squares, courtyards, and candy-coloured houses.

There's a relaxed vibe on the streets during the day, but don't let that fool you into thinking this is a sleepy city.

Riga Stag Weekend Parties Aren't Attracting Attention for Nothing

Lads doing a Riga stag party will rapidly come to realise the locals have a real passion for partying, what better to experience your first night than on a Bar Crawl. The spirits and cocktails are pretty potent, the measures are massive, and the beers come cheap.

Try and keep up with the locals if you dare, but be warned; their quaffing capabilities are the stuff of legend. The local lasses don't let the side down either! Lads on the loose get to party in the company of exotic beauties who don't hold back when the sun sets. The liberal atmosphere, beautiful people, and blinding selection of bars make Riga one of our favourite destinations for a stag do right now.

You can't go wrong in a city that's given lads the Soviet Nurse Banquet! Check out our pre-made stag party packages to make planning the big lad's single life send off easy. If you want something bespoke, get in touch. We can put together a tailored stag weekend that'll blow the groom's mind.

Choose Your Riga Stag Weekend

We can tell you right now that Target Shooting is an absolute must for Riga stag weekends. It would be a sin to leave without taking advantage of the legal shooting opportunities! How often do you get to handle a Makarov? Not to mention a Glock, Beretta, or Sigsauer? Riga stag weekends that try Target Shooting get to enjoy the ultimate stress buster and play with the big boys' toys that are off-limits in the UK.

Man's gotta eat! Especially on Riga stag weekends. After running around like madmen, trying all manner of blood-pumping pursuits, you'll need to refuel if you want to keep your stamina up. There's certainly something to be said for partying in a medieval city. Riga stag weekends benefit from an excellent selection of proper pubs and basement bars converted from ancient medieval buildings. If you want a taste of the ancient atmosphere and some really hearty grub, check out a Medieval Banquet package. Forget itsy bitsy trendy parcels of filo pastry and poncey cuisine, this is proper, bar crawl fodder that sets Riga stag weekends up for all-nighters on the sauce. Descend into one of the city's oldest wine vaults for a night of ripping meat apart with your bare hands and knocking back ales in the style of Henry VIII.

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