Benidorm Stag Party Packages

Beaches, bikinis, bars, and brilliant weather. That's a Benidorm stag do!

You can't go wrong with such a winning combination. A Benidorm Stag Party always comes up trumps. Gents, it's time to run to the sun for a send off that combines everything that's great about the boys' break.

Stag parties in Benidorm suit the thrill-seekers, the hedonists, the sun-worshippers, and the boozers. They offer the best of British under a baking hot sun, and we love it. Come for the clubbing, come for the beaches, or fly over for the best lap dancers in Spain. Whatever you're after, a Benidorm stag party will supply it in whacking great portions.

You know the beaches will be up to scratch on a Benidorm stag weekend...

With a single life send off in Benidorm, you know what you're getting, and it's all good! It's all very well choosing somewhere off the beaten track. But are you really sure you want to play fast and loose with the groom's last days of freedom? Stag dos in Benidorm make things nice and easy. There's no language barrier as literally everyone speaks English. It's child's play to navigate the streets, and you know the beaches will be up to scratch.

From the hustle and bustle of Playa Levante, to more peaceful spots like Poniente, you know your stag party is sorted on the beach front. Plus you can relax safe in the knowledge you'll have hundreds of bars and clubs to check out. That's the beauty of Benidorm stag nights; they don't fail to deliver when it comes to quality and quantity.

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Pick from one of our Benidorm Stag Party Packages Below

In fact, there are several. First up, you've got the price tag. You won't believe the cheap deals on offer for Benidorm stag weekends. We know it's vital to keep the lads within budget, so we've put together a Sun, Sand & Bed package that won't clean you out. Our Benidorm stag weekends start at a mere £85 per person.

Benidorm stag weekends that want to make sure the plan really comes together first time should check out the X-Rated Bar Crawl. We've already hand-picked 5 of the finest bars in town, plus a top notch lap dancing club, to make sure the groom gets his kicks in the time-honoured tradition. Benidorm stag weekends can't go wrong with this one. Need ideas for the second night? Check out the Meal & Stripper deal. Benidorm stag weekends can chow down on Indian dishes, Mexican, or succulent American ribs. Dessert comes in the very tasty shape of a smokin' hot stripper, who'll pull out all the stops to tantalise and titillate.

Not your bag? Strippers aren't mandatory on Benidorm stag weekends, so don't worry if the WAGs have put a strict 'do it and you're dead' ban on naked chicks. Benidorm stag weekends can also spend an evening being entertained by magicians, showgirls, and acrobats at the Benidorm Palace. This is Spain's biggest show and will sort you out with amusement before it's time to hit the bars.