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Benidorm Stag Party Weekend Ideas

Benidorm Stag Party that'll impress everyone in the group, if you're the best man, it's up to you to deliver. You can't go wrong with what this city has to offer. We're talking stunning beaches, babes in bikinis and more bars than you can shake a pint glass at. A stag party here always comes up trumps. Gents, it's time to run to the sun for a single life send off which combines everything that's brilliant about a boys' break.

Beaches, Bikinis, Bars & Brilliant Weather - That's a Benidorm Stag Do Weekend!

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A stag weekend in this city on the Costa Blanca will suit the thrill-seekers, the hedonists, the sun-worshippers and the boozers. Benidorm offers the British under the baking hot Spanish sun, and you'll love every second of it. Come for the clubbing and the beaches or fly over for the best lap dancers in the country. Whatever you're after, a stag party in Benidorm will supply it in whacking great portions.

You know the beaches will be up to scratch for a stag party in Benidorm...

With a final fling before the ring in Beni', you know what you're getting into and it's all good! Sure, it's all very well and good choosing somewhere off the beaten track, but are you really sure you want to play it fast and loose with the groom's last days as a single lad? Doing a stag party here makes things nice and easy. There's no language barrier as nearly everyone in the city speaks English. It's child's play to navigate the city streets, and you know the beaches are white, sandy and packed with smokin' hot chicks in itty, bitty bikinis.

From the hustle and bustle of Playa Levante, to more peaceful stretches of beaches like Poniente, you know your stag do on the seafront is sorted. Plus, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you'll have literally hundreds of bars and clubs to get wrecked in. That's the beauty of a stag party here; it won't fail to delivery when it comes to quality and quantity. Get packed, lads; we're going in!

Our Latest Benidorm Stag Weekend Reviews

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Chris Walkingshaw - Benidorm - Saturday 3rd June 2017

Hi Mariah,

Just home from Benidorm on Tuesday morning, what a weekend. Just thought I'd drop you an email to say thank you very very much for all your help. We all had an amazing weekend. The location of apartments was fantastic, clean and modern. Thank you all very much.

PS. I would highly recommend you to anyone else thanks you xo 

Alex - Benidorm - Sunday 15th June 2014

Hi Ellie, just wanted to take the time to say we had a fantastic time and thank you for arranging everything for us.

Tom - Benidorm - Sunday 11th May 2014

The level of customer service I've received from Hayley has been superb throughout. Thanks for all your help, flexibility and for making the logistical nightmare of a stag abroad as simple as possible.

I'll recommend your company to any of my friends making the step up to best man in future

James - Benidorm - Thursday 20th March 2014

Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer!!!

Girl I'll send you some pics soon.

It seriously blew all expectation out of the sky!! I'm sooooooooooooooo happy with how it went and want to thank you, your team and Deano the rep for making it happen. Dean was boss and everything packed a surprise. The little touches like the limo to the go karting and the food there, the off roading jeeps to take us to paintball, the meal (which in all seriousness we expected to be sharing a portion of chips at a greasy boozer somewhere, how wrong were we!!!!!)

I have and will be recommending you to everybody mate. We will be using you for my stag, and a couple of the lads are doin the same.

Benidorm Stag Party Activities

1. It's all about sunny spots, wild waves and sandy shores in Benidorm. The city has some of the most sprawling beaches where you can relax with the lads. The Playa de Levante beach is where you'll find all the action. Dotted by bars and restaurants, it is rated as one of the best beaches in Europe. Ideal for adventure loving stags, you can engage in some thrilling water sports like Banana Boat Rides, Cable Water Skiing, Wakeboarding or Slalom and get your adrenaline rush.

If you are more about relaxing and drinking by the sea, look no further than Poniente Beach. Located close to the Benidorm Harbour, this beach tends to be a little more on the quiet side. You can chill out under a palm tree in Parque de Elche or head to Playa del Malpas, a sunny cove between the two main beaches. While there aren't many high octane activities in Poniente beach, you can engage in a volleyball match among yourselves at the volleyball court.

2. For thrill seeking stags who can't get enough of adrenaline rush, Benidorm has a multitude of theme parks to keep you entertained. Terra Mitica Theme Park is one of the largest theme parks in Europe. Based on the ancient worlds of Rome, Greece, Egypt, The Islands and Iberia, this park has all the adrenaline pumping and gravity defying rides you could ask for. Enjoy the water slides, wave machines and swimming with the sea lions.

3. If you're looking for a way to get off the beaten track, a Jeep Safari is your answer. Enjoy the other classic stag activities in Benidorm like some 4x4 off road action, paintballing or paragliding.

4. While you're not relaxing by the beach or enjoying the rides at the theme park, take some time to explore the city. While there isn't a lot to explore, you may still end up discovering a historic monument here and there. Immerse in the Spanish fervour on the streets and savour the authentic dishes at the restaurants to get a taste of Benidorm.

Benidorm Nightlife

As the sun goes down, Benidorm lights up and dazzles with its vibrant night scene. The city's nightlife is one of the best in Europe. With karaoke nights, cabaret shows, tribute bands, comedy clubs, themed bars and iconic clubs, Benidorm's nocturnal entertainment roster is packed to give you a stag night worth remembering.

1. Guided Bar Crawl

Kick start your night by embarking on a guided bar crawl. Considering the overwhelming number of bars and clubs, each as brilliant as another, it only makes sense to hit as many as you possibly can. To help you navigate through the web of Benidorm's finest bars and pubs, our guide will step in to save your night, so you can drink and party all you want without worrying about stumbling and getting lost on your Benidorm stag weekend. The Benidorm Square and Avenida Communitat Valencia are the party hubs of the city where all the mega clubs are. Make sure to check them out.

2. Cabaret Shows

If you want to watch some high-quality cabaret then Benidorm Palace is the place you must not miss. With a grand entrance akin to the Vegas Strip, the place wows you with its glittering dance acts and live music. The food and drinks here are also out of the world. What makes it even better? The first drink is free!

3. Gentlemen's Clubs

While Benidorm surprisingly doesn't have many kinky entertainment venues, a short drive from the main city to Albir is where many lap dancing joints are concentrated. Treat the lads to a session at one of the joints, albeit with the groom's approval.

To add an extra frisson of excitement to your stag night in Benidorm, roll a dice and gamble away at the city's casinos on the Avenida Mediterraneo.

Benidorm stag weekends that want to make sure the plan really comes together first time should check out the X-Rated Bar Crawl. We've already hand-picked 5 of the finest bars in town, plus a top notch lap dancing club, to make sure the groom gets his kicks in the time-honoured tradition. Benidorm stag weekends can't go wrong with this one. Need more ideas for the second night? Check out the Meal & Stripper deal. Benidorm stag weekends can chow down on Indian dishes, Mexican, or succulent American ribs. Dessert comes in the very tasty shape of a smokin' hot stripper, who'll pull out all the stops to tantalise and titillate.

Reasons To Visit Benidorm

1. Catamaran Cruises - Watch the Costa Blanca's expansive coastline from the deck of your luxurious Catamaran Cruise. The cruise is an ideal way to feel like VIP and travel Bond-style on your Benidorm stag do. Let the breeze hit you as you enjoy some cold ones with the lads. You can also go swimming and snorkeling in-between drinking and eating a buffet lunch complete with some beer and sangria.

2. Themed Parks - In line with its 'todo grandioso todo' philosophy, Benidorm boasts a super grand theme Park featuring five epic 'worlds', and range of rides from the diminutive and fun to the straight out scream inducing.

3. Moroccan Connection - This one is just a rumour, but the sand for Benidorm's beaches is believed to have been imported from Morocco. For the sake of feeling special, believe the rumour while you're at the beach and feel the best of the two worlds.

4. Cabaret - Killer moves by exotic Spanish dancers, awesome dining options and mind-boggling magicians are what you'll sign up for when you go for a cabaret show. The acts performed are straight out of a talent reality show and are sure to give you your fill of entertainment before your wild night out.

5. Nightlife - We're repeating this, but the city's nightlife is so out of this world that we have to tell you again. Forget the same old bars and clubs, the night scene in the city has so many entertainment options for you, that a mere stag weekend in Benidorm isn't enough to cover.

Why Opt For A Benidorm Stag party?

Two words : Beaches and Party!

The city has had humble beginnings, but the last few years have seen it develop into one of the largest stag and hen destinations in Europe. The beaches in Benidorm are expansive and offer an ideal setting to relax or chase after some thrills. The nightlife is unparalleled. Benidorm has so many entertainment options that you'll struggle to cover them all on your weekend. The cocktails, the drinks and the lively atmosphere of its bars and nightclubs are par excellence. By the end of your Benidorm stag do, you'll know that the city CAN party!

Best Time For A Benidorm Stag Do

With its warm yet pleasant weather almost all year round, Benidorm is always flooded by tourists, stags and hens and the city can get busy. But with some careful planning, you'll be able to experience the city for an unforgettable Benidorm stag do any time of the year.

If you want to immerse in Benidorm's culture, time your stag around one of its festivals or fiestas and soak in all that Spanish excitement and salsa fever.

Will It Cost You A Fortune?

Absolutely not! Yes the city is a massively popular tourist destination and the prices are hiked up during the peak tourist season, yet there is no dearth of affordable accommodation and entertainment options. This is where we come in the picture.

With our years of experience and strong friendships and connections forged over time, we'll build you a unique bespoke weekend tailor made to your needs and desires. You can also choose from our ready-made packages that will show you the best time on your Benidorm stag do without burning a hole in your pockets!

Now that all is said and known, it's time to start planning your stag party in Benidorm. Book your flights, pack your bags and head out for a stag weekend that you won't easily forget.

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