Stag Weekend Ideas

It's the most important weekend you will ever arrange so you have to make sure you get it right, so take some of the pressure off and talk to the experts!! Below are a couple of epic stag weekend ideas but for a unique idea tailored to your group give us a call and we will sort out everything you could ever need for a legendary stag weekend.

Staying at home? When it comes to stag do ideas, UK cities lead the pack. You don't have to go long haul to have a killer stag. Settle old scores and get the banter going on the Dodgeball court. Put the pedal to the metal in Rage Buggies and see if you've got what it takes to get to the top of the leaderboard. If you're hunting for unique stag party ideas, look at stuff like It's a Knockout and Totally Wiped Out. Go up against other stag and hen teams in hilarious challenges that'll have you all howling with laughter.

Planning a stag party for an extreme sports junkie? Give one of our Wet and Wild stag ideas a go. Try your hand at Surfing in Newquay or try Indoor Surfing on a powerful flow rider in Amsterdam. Want to be Iron Man for an hour? Get yourself on a Flyboard and find out how it feels to hover, fly, twist and turn above the ocean. The fanboy stag will love this, it's got 'bucket list' written all over it.

Stag weekends and bar crawls are like love and marriage - you can't have one without the other. Yes, we know you can sniff out a pint at 20 paces, but can you find the best bars in a new city? When you've only got a couple of days to blow off steam, you need to make the most of them. Do a bar crawl with a local bod, find the gems, and give the big man the stag weekend he deserves.

For The
Active Stag!

It's a Knockout: You can do this in Nottingham, Bristol, Bournemouth, Brighton, London, Manchester.

Totally Wiped Out: Challenge your mates on the sweeper, fight your way across the punch wall, and jump across the big red balls! Available in Birmingham and Nottingham.

Karting: Always fun to add a bit of competition to the day. Who will be the Lewis Hamilton of the group? Available in just about every destination we have.

For The
Relaxing Stag!

Catamaran Cruise: Party like a true celeb with your mates and hire a catamaran for a private party. It's not as much as you think, as we own the boat and drinks are included.

Comedy Club: Sit back, relax, laugh, and have a few drinks too. Resist temptation to heckle or you could be the butt of the jokes!

Brewery tour: Hear how the magical stuff is made, see it being brewed, and get a taste of the good stuff. What better way to spend a day?

For The
Footie Stag!

Nou Camp Tour: A tour of one of the most famous football stadiums in the world, where the mighty FC Barcelona play. The footie stag needs to see this!

Football Tickets: What could the footie stag want more than to go to a football match? We can book tickets for some of the most exciting teams and games in Europe.    

Bubble Football: It's the sport that everyone's talking about - playing football in a giant plastic bubble! Make wild tackles and run full speed into your mates. You'll just bounce off and roll around. Genius!

For The
Drinking Stag!

Beer Bike: What a way to see a city! On a bike while drinking beer. Don't worry; it has a motor as well so you don't have to rely on pedal power alone. Now you can tell the Mrs you did actually see the sights.

Bar Crawl: The most important part of any stag is the bar crawl. Don't mess around or convince yourself you know where to go in an unfamiliar city. Make sure you hit the best places by doing a bar crawl with a local.

Whisky Tasting: For the real drinker! Do a session on the ‘water of life'. Spot the difference with the taste test challenge, and become a bona fide whisky connoisseur.   

For The
Gambling Stag!

Casino Night: Go all James Bond on the stag and have a casino night. Add a 'learn to play' session for the novices and everyone's happy.

Horse Racing: Day at the races? Yes, sir. Betting, drinking, watching the races and hopefully winning big. 

Night at the Dogs: Everyone loves racing and betting. How will you choose your winner? Form, name, colour or number? Add pie, peas, and a pint and you're sorted.

For The
Stag Lad!

VIP Lap Dancing: Any red-blooded chap will love this. It really is a must for his stag weekend. Naked ladies, lap dancing, and beer. What's not to love?

Stag Kidnap: Best prank ever! The stag has to be a bit of a joker to see the funny side, and you must capture it all on video for maximum embarrassment. Let's see if you can get it to go viral. This is the one time that ‘what goes on tour stays on tour' doesn't apply. 

Boobie Wrestling: Girls, wrestling, boobs! This time, what goes on tour really does stay there. It will get messy and it will make for a legendary stag weekend.

For more ideas, or to discuss any of these ideas just give us a call on 01773 766006 or email