Dublin Stag Party Packages

If you want to be sure of giving your best mate a great sendoff, look no further than a Dublin Stag Party. Stags are onto a winner with Ireland's premier party town. Come for the Guinness, come for the girls, or come for the craic. Whatever you're up for, Dublin stag weekends always come up trumps.

Why Dublin? Stag weekends have all the boozers a man could possibly want, coupled with plenty of sights and attractions for those that like to get out and about.

Dublin stag weekends are a journey of discovery that take in proper pubs, rolling hills, sporty stuff, historical landmarks and countless festivals. Dublin stag weekends benefit from the city's love of concerts, events, and comedy gigs. No matter what time of year you come, there's always something going on and it usually involves copious amounts of booze, music, and good times.

A trip to the famous Guinness Storehouse is a must for Dublin stag weekends. If you love the black stuff, this is the place to be. It's a whole world of Guinness on multiple levels and gives Dublin stag weekends an idea of the background behind the famous pint. And of course a taste of the really good stuff! Check out the ad campaigns, have lunch in the Guinness restaurant, and learn how to pour a proper pint with a shamrock on top. Missing this attraction out of Dublin stag weekends is like saying bah humbug to Christmas. Criminal.

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