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View over the clock tower and the Elbe River at sundown. Discover Hamburg Stag Party ideas below:

Hamburg Stag Party Weekend Ideas

Do your mate's stag weekend right, in Hamburg!

Hamburg Stag Party never heard of it , well get in the know, lads! Amsterdam's been done, and Prague is so last year. Discover why all the smart best men, who're planning stag weekends are choosing this German city. If this is going to be your first time visiting the city, take a bit of direction from your stag party planner. We've stayed, partied and played throughout the destination and know what's worth your time and what's probably best to give a miss. We'll sort you out!

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Build Your Own Hamburg Stag Party Below

Have a browse through our pre-made stag party packages for Hamburg. They contain everything you need to keep the lads on track for a brilliant single life send off. We sort your accommodation, airport transfers, food, nightlife and activities - that's right lads, we'll do all the hard work and you can take the credit. Boom!

A stag do in Hamburg will do your best mate proud...

Germany's wealthiest city calls itself the 'Gateway to the World'. Bold statement for sure, but Hamburg can definitely walk the walk. Everything you need for a legendary stag night is in this buzzing port city. Beach bars? Check. Urban beer gardens? Check. Red light district? Check. Hip clubs in old factories, rail stations and slaughterhouses? Hell yes! Once the sun goes down, head to Schanze or Ottensen in St Pauli and get it on. If you want round-the-clock shenanigans and like the sound of boobs, brewpubs and mighty ships, Hamburg is a brilliant choice for waving goodbye to the single life.

This cosmopolitan city offers loads of cool shizzle for stag parties to get stuck into during the day, as well. If you can drag the lads out of bed (and out of the pubs!), go on a Segway tour or visit the city's major attractions like the trippy Minatur Wunderland. Make the most of being on the coast and try your hand at water sports like wakeboarding or water skiing. You're in Europe; you might as well take advantage of the lax gun laws with a shooting activity. Alternatively, get involved in activities like a river cruise on the Elbe or a brewery tour. It's all good!

Hamburg Stag Activities

1. Private River Cruise

Being an old port city, Hamburg is best explored through a river cruise. The Bavarian capital has quite a few bodies of water that run through and around it. Whether you take a boat ride on the rivers Elbe or Alster or choose to tour the city's famous harbor, you'll have a great time sailing with the lads. Book a Private River Cruise for your stag crew to explore the city. To take it up a notch, add a stripper to the mix, but make sure to get the groom's approval.

2. Beer Coach

The stag party beer coach is the answer to all your prayers. Manned by a sober driver, the beer coach will take you on a tour of some of the city's most famous sights. This works on so many levels; you can stop for pictures, grab a bite and then hop on again to continue exploring the city while chugging some cod beers with the lads.

3. Brewery Tour

If there is one thing that Hamburg knows best, it is beer. The port metropolis has much to offer when it comes to the 'liquid gold'. We'll take you on a tour of one of the most famous breweries in Hamburg. Located close to River Elbe, the brewery offers stunning scenic vistas. After the tour is over, have yourselves some freshly brewed beer with a gourmet lunch in the beer gardens and enjoy a typical Bavarian brewery hospitality.

4. Action Station

If you're looking for some stag adventures in Hamburg, there is plenty in store for you. From lazer combating and rifle shooting to waterboarding and skiing, you can get your dose of a thrill. You can also try your hands at classic stag activities like segway tour, go karting, paintballing and bubble football.


Young, dynamic and unconventional, Hamburg has much to offer in the way of nightlife. From the kinky entertainment on the famous Reeperbahn, to jazz clubs and stylish cocktail bars, your nocturnal hours will be packed with entertainment, fun and adventure.

1. Guided Pub Crawl

Experience the best of Hamburg's nightlife on a guided pub crawl through the best parts of the city. Enjoy your night with drink specials as your host takes you across a variety of bars and pubs like Bar Rossi, Gecko Bar and The Academy where the cream of Hamburg comes to let loose and party till dawn.

2. Bavarian Blowout

The stags can't last through a night of bar crawling on empty stomachs. You need to fill your bellies, and no trip to Hamburg is complete without a traditional Bavarian meal. Feast like gentlemen in the city's finest restaurants where you'll have your own private reserved table. Savour the authentic cuisine with a couple of drinks before you set out for a wild night in the most lively parts of the city.

3. Reeperbahn Tour

The hub of Hamburg's nightlife is the famous St. Pauli district which is also home to the Reeperbahn street. The street is a long strip of bars, night clubs, theatres and burlesque shows for your entertainment. It also has one of the most well known red light districts in Hamburg with a wide choice of entertainment for all tastes. A tour of Reeperbahn's finest offerings is a must on your Hamburg stag do.

Reasons To Visit

1. Oktoberfest - We know the festival is exclusive to Munich. However, when you're in Hamburg, it is Oktoberfest everyday. The city revels in its art of beer making which is frankly what you need the most on a stag do in Hamburg.

2. Beer bike - What sounds better than a pleasant day spent exploring the city with the lads while chugging beers! Hop on a beer bike manned by a sober driver who'll take you on a tour of the city's most breathtaking sights, while you quench your thirst with the best German beer.

3. Reeperbahn - Hamburg's most notable red light district, Reeperbahn has more than just burlesque shows and kinky entertainment. The street is also home to the best clubs and bars in the city. The kinky establishments and posh bars co-exist peacefully in Reeperbahn to give you the best stag night.

4. Hamburger SV - If you're a stag group of football aficionados, you're in for a delight. The city is home to the Hamburger SV, a premiere football club who are 6 time league champions and 5 time German cup winners.

5. Volksparkstadion - To make the Hamburg stag do even more special for a football enthusiast groom, spend a day watching the Hamburger SV play a match at the Volksparkstadion. Join in the revelry of the home fans and cheer the team to its victory.

More Information

Why Celebrate A Stag Do in Hamburg?

Why not! From an unparalleled nightlife with ample bars, pubs and clubs that you'll struggle covering on a single bar crawl, to the daytime activities that will keep you on your toes, it's as if Hamburg was built keeping stags and celebration in mind.

Hamburg is a big enough city to offer you a breadth of activities, but compact enough so you get to explore and experience the city and all that it has to offer in the best possible way. You can seamlessly get around the best spots in the city without wasting much time getting there, which is a blessing on a packed stag weekend. Considering all the factors, Hamburg is undoubtedly one of the best destinations for a stag that you won't easily forget.

Is It Just About The Beer?

No! While the Germans are proud of their beer, that's not all there is to the Hanseatic city. Over the years, Hamburg has emerged as a buzzing and celebrated modern metropolis with so much to offer. From art hubs to the red light district of Reeperbahn, football clubs to the traditional Bavarian cuisine and a host of activities by the sea, the city is more than a pint of beer.

Now that you know everything about a stag do in Hamburg, it is time to loop in the groomsmen and the groom and fly them out for an epic boys' trip. Once there, our package deals will give you a weekend packed with activities and entertainment. From a spectacular culture trip to tours of the best bars, cafes and districts, you'll have an experience par excellence on your Hamburg stag do.

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