Reading Stag Party Packages

A Reading Stag Party is a great way to celebrate in style. London? Too big. Windsor? Too posh! Bristol? Too far. If you're in Berkshire, Reading is your ideal stag do destination. There are brilliant boozers along the Thames, plenty of outdoor pursuits in the Thames Valley, a Championship football club, great restaurants, and a bunch of bars, cocktail joints and clubs on Station Road and Friar Street. Everything's within walking distance and there are tons of transport links to the north and south. No brainer? Absolutely.

Add up the evidence and it's clear to see that Reading has everything a chap needs for a stellar stag do. You can fight your fellow stags in a variety of epic packages, either head to head on the paintball field or side by side in an axe throwing contest. Yes, we did say axe throwing. Just because Reading's close to the poshest bits of the River Thames, doesn't mean you can't go medieval...

One of our favourite things about having a stag do in Reading is the convenience of everything. You can do an entire night out in the same complex, from pre-dinner drinks to a slap-up meal to dancing the night away with beautiful ladies. And all within stumbling distance of a decent hotel!

Reading is where you go on a stag do when you've got tons of busy chaps to please. It's the ideal alternative to big city destinations, where travelling around in taxis can eat into valuable drinking time. Pick a package and get straight into the good stuff!

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