Plovdiv Stag Party Packages

Bulgaria's enjoying a boost in popularity at the moment, so don't leave her off your list. A Plovdiv Stag Party is challenging Sofia for the crown of Bulgaria's best stag weekend, so you're in for a big one! Move sharpish if you want to experience Plovdiv stag weekends at their best - and cheapest!

What's so special about Plovdiv stag weekends? Well, we'll start with the price tag. If you want a budget break that still does the business when it comes to clubbing and activities, you'll do well to choose Plovdiv. Stag weekends can still wine, dine and generally live it up like lords at prices Britain hasn't seen since the 80s! Plovdiv stag weekends can be fed and watered like kings in Bulgaria's 2nd largest city. Some of the pubs are still pulling pints for a ludicrously cheap 60p a go, so you can have a grand old time and still afford to eat for the rest of the month!

The nightlife is well worthy of a last night of freedom. Plovdiv stag weekends can party from dusk 'til dawn thanks to their laid-back licensing laws. Kick off with a Traditional Meal and prepare to be pleasantly surprised by Bulgarian grub. When you're all fed and watered, it's off to the bars and clubs to check out the stunning local lasses and sample the Bulgarian beers. Plovdiv stag weekends are never short of booze or eye candy! If you're up for sending the groom off in the time-honoured tradition, we'll hook you up with VIP Lap Dancing Club Entry. Plovdiv stag weekends get ringside seats for the greatest show on earth. Have fun, folks!

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