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Stag Party, Stag Do and Stag Weekend Adrenaline Rush Activities

Adrenaline Rush Stag Do Activities

Stag dos are the perfect opportunity for your best bud to cross a few insane activities off his bucket list. We've searched high and low for the maddest, baddest and most nut-shrivelling stag do ideas of them all!

All the classics are here, including doing a Bungee Jump and Sky Diving - and there are a few twists to make things even more interesting! Take off in a Bungee Rocket for an upside down version of entrusting your life to a rubber cord, or hurl yourself into an indoor skydiving tunnel. It feels just like jumping out of a plane, but costs less and you can do it in more locations.

Want to beat, shoot or belt each other into submission? We've got an idea or two... Our favourite stag do battles include paintballing, Jousting and the Sumo Challenge. Get in the ring, get on your horse, or just plain get some.

For something completely different for your weekend activity, try It's A Knockout or go on a Jail Break. Or, if really terrifying activities are your cup of tea, we suggest Cliff Jumping, Power Fan or a High Ropes Course. Stags who think they're tough enough to conquer an obstacle course will think again when they realise this one is 50ft up in the air!

Make a mark on your mate's last weekend of freedom. Give him the adrenaline rush of a lifetime right here in the UK or abroad.

Experience The Adrenaline Rush With Our Thrilling Stag Do Activities

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