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Sky Diving - Adrenaline Activity - Stag Weekends

Sky Diving

The ultimate stag challenge! If you want something that requires gigantic balls of steel, sky diving is the way to go. Absolutely bonkers and a bigger adrenaline rush than anything else on earth, jumping out of a plane will blow your mind and make you whoop like a madman. Who said man can't fly? Stick two fingers up to the laws of nature and take the plunge.

We will arrange for the groom - or the entire stag party if you're all up for it - to take a tandem sky dive. Qualified, professional instructors will make the jump with you, which makes the whole experience ever so slightly less terrifying.

Feel the tension mount as you reach the jump point and stand on the edge, ready to freefall to terra firma! That split second of initial freefall is like being invincible. Everything will buzz and fizz with adrenaline - even your eyeballs!

Go sky diving in some of the most exciting locations on the planet. See miles of mountain ranges, an ocean of greenery, and bustling cities that look like toy towns.

The definitive bucket list activity, sky diving will make you feel like the Man of Steel. Screw up the courage to make the jump and unleash your inner superhero.

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