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Army Boot Camp for Stag Do, Stag Party or Stag Weekend

Army Boot Camp

We want YOU!

Reckon you can survive our stag army boot camp? Pack your bags, soldier! You're about to face a challenge that'll bust you and your buddies from privates to officers. Face a trio of activities that require brains, brawn and tight team work: an assault course, laser combat, and a beasting station that sorts the men from the boys.

The assault course is no play park! Stag parties work as one big unit to ensure no man is left behind. Everyone has to get over the high wall, make the long jump, smash the scramble net and conquer the rope swings before you can tick this one off the list.

Laser tag is paintball minus the nasty bruising, which makes it ideal for a stag do. Split into teams and battle it out for dominance.

Finally, it's the beasting station. If you haven't sweated out that Scotch you consumed at 3am last night, you will do so here! Get down and gimme 50 of the best!

No whinging about hangovers or slinking off for second breakfast. This is stag army boot camp and the 'Sarge ain't got no time for lily-livered maggots! A proper test of physical and mental strength, this challenge will get the adrenaline up and the banter flowing.

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