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Cliff Jumping Stag Party, Stag Do and Stag Weekend Activity

Cliff Jumping

Got a mad stag on your hands? If the normal adrenaline activities aren't enough to float your boat, try the granddaddy of them all. While less adventurous fellers are doing abseil courses or climbing the high ropes, you'll be chucking your best mate off a cliff.

Cliff jumping is the stag do adrenaline activity to end them all. Follow the instructions to the letter and it's safe as houses, but it feels like death-defying stuff! One by one, you'll take your position on the edge of a rock face, and hurl yourselves into the ocean below. If ever there was an activity built for the smartphone video camera, this is it.

Your guides know the jump inside out and back to front. At the right time of tide, they'll show you where to leap, and how to enter the water. Feet first is key, if you don't want to bellyflop so hard you spend the rest of the stag do trying not to laugh.

For total stag success, keep this one a secret from the big man until the last minute. The look on his face when he realises what you're about to make him do will be worth its weight in gold. Just don't laugh too hard, because you're next!

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