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Baby Bull Running for Stag Weekend, Stag Do and Stag Party

Baby Bull Running

Got the cojones for baby bull running? Stag party activities don't get much scarier or funnier than this, folks! Get the stag in full matador costume (the cape is a must!) and try your hand at the controversial sport of bullfighting. The sort of thing you'd see Carl Pilkington do on An Idiot Abroad, baby bull running is utterly bonkers. Laugh at your mates legging it round the ring and then brick it when it's your turn to have a go!

Don't worry; the bajitas (baby bulls) have rounded horns so the stag will return to his bride-to-be with his important bits intact. No bulls are harmed, you're just learning the ropes not fighting to the death!

Speaking of which, you'll be mastering the skills of bull fighting with professionals who have years of experience. Find out how it feels to be a matador and win the adulation of the crowd! Stag parties learn how to dance with bulls and gauge their speed and characteristics. Master the art of engaging the bull with a cape and work out how he turns and uses his horns.

Will you be the master or end up being bettered by a bajita? Only one way to find out! Get in the ring.

In a nutshell:

  • Baby bull running at a practice ring
  • Professional instruction
  • Lasts approximately 1 hour
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