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Assault Course for Stag Do, Stag Party and Stag Weekend

Assault Course

Ten hut! Right then you 'orrible lot. Think you've got the cojones to keep up with a real military style assault course? Drop and give me 20, maggots!

This is a stag weekend must for lads who like to push themselves to the limit. Challenging at the best of times, these rope climbs, mud obstacles and walls represent a serious undertaking for gents who've been celebrating hard. Strap those boots on tight, take a deep breath and prepare to prove just how tough you really are.

Under the eagle eye of a trained drill instructor, you'll be put through your paces in a series of gruelling challenges. Walk the beams, crawl through the netting and swing from the monkey bars. First private home gets the honour of the regiment. The rest of you are on mess duty!

It's not all shouting and exertion really. The instructors at our assault courses are perfect judges of stag character, and know exactly how to wring every last ounce of fun out of the afternoon. Stand to attention for a stag weekend winner that you can really feel proud you've conquered!

You'll laugh your ass off when the man of the moment has to give up halfway round, but remember - your turn will come too. He who laughs loudest often ends up on YouTube, stuck in the mud and crying for his mum.

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