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Rock Climbing - Adrenaline Activity - Stag Weekends

Rock Climbing

Make it a rock climbing stag do if you want to sink your teeth into an adrenaline-busting challenge in the great outdoors. Massively addictive, climbing gives you that invincible, superhero feeling you don't get from other activities. Learn the ropes with professional instructors who live for the sport, and then get stuck into some wall-crawling action for real.

Climbing virgins are welcome. The guys at the rock climbing centre are used to taking stag parties with little or no experience on their maiden climb. You couldn't be in better hands. After a briefing on what to expect, they'll get you up to speed on safety, teach you some lingo and then get everyone kitted out and ready to rock - in the true sense of the word!

Master the basic techniques of rock climbing on terra firma and then take your newfound skills and knowledge for a spin on an actual rock face. Conquer the climb and fist pump the air with a massive: "Hell yeah!" Nothing beats smashing your first climb and enjoying the view from the top.

By the end of a rock climbing stag do, you'll be throwing around terms like 'bashie' and 'belay' like old hands.

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