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Low Ropes Course - Adrenaline Activity - Stag Weekends

Low Ropes Course

If you're up for some outdoors action but don't fancy busting your balls on the high ropes, conquer the low ropes course instead. Great for stag parties with mixed fitness levels, this activity will shake off hangovers and get the adrenaline going without scaring the living shizzle out of you. No pant-wettingly scary jumps or inching from tree-to-tree on a single wire 40ft above ground level. Low ropes tests your physical and mental mettle, only with obstacles closer to terra firma!

Low ropes is a bit like an obstacle close a few metres off the ground. The whole stag party needs to work as one well-oiled machine to smash the challenges and get to the end in a respectable time. Adopt the old military philosophy and leave no man behind. It's a great activity for firing up the old team spirit and getting the banter going.

Instructors will do the whole safety briefing bit, kit you out with the requisite helmets and crash padding, and get you up in the air. Start with a couple of simple obstacles on ground level and then build up to the trickier challenges as your confidence increases.

Finish with blood pumping and a massive sense of achievement. Stag activity smashed!

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