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Sledging Adrenaline Activity - Stag Weekends


Nothing says 'big kid' quite like sledging! If you're planning a winter stag weekend and want something that's guaranteed to go down well with everyone, sledging is a winner. No smart-arse tricks or expensive lessons; just you lot charging down the slopes like you did in the good old days.

We'll arrange for you to go sledging in a location popular with the locals. Awesome scenery, fast rides and crisp fresh air: what better way to get the boys back on form the morning after a night on the beers? Do something sporty that gives you a massive hit of adrenaline but doesn't require any pricy equipment or superhuman levels of fitness. Anyone can grab a sled and get stuck in, which makes this activity ideal for a stag do.

Keep it simple or get a little sledging competition going: this is a stag do after all! Start at the bottom, run up the slope with your sled and then charge down at a cracking pace waving your arms in the air. Last one down gets the first round in later.

If you want pure, unadulterated fun that doesn't cost a small fortune, sledging is a no-brainer. It's a classic winter stag activity that'll get the blood pumping and hangovers shifted!

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