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Hunting, Shooting and Kicking Adrenaline Activity - Stag Weekends

Hunting Shooting and Kicking

Bang your chest and head for the hills, gents! We've put together a proper man's afternoon of outdoor sports, starting with the traditional and ending with the downright crazy. Are you game?

For your first challenge, your stag party will be equipped with competition standard shotguns and let loose on a clay pigeon range. Exhilarating and frustrating in equal measure, this is a sport that looks way easier than it is. Draw a bead on the bird and lead the target across the sky for a successful shot.

Normally, clay pigeon shooting alone is enough to get a stag party revved up and back in the game. For your hunting, shooting and kicking afternoon, it's just the starter!

Next, it's guns down, bows up, and time for an even trickier test of your manly accuracy. If you thought blowing the heck out of clays was fun, just wait until you slap an arrow into the middle of our exploding targets! When the first one goes up in a puff of flame and smoke, you lot will feel like genuine medieval warlords.

To round off your afternoon of awesome, we're swapping firearms and bows for coloured bibs and balls. But wait. This is no ordinary football match. Nope - our final stroke of stag party genius is to strap you into a life size table football pitch, for a side-splitting contest of hilarious skill!

In a nutshell:

  • Clay pigeon shooting
  • Archery
  • Human table football
  • All necessary equipment
  • Safety briefing and instruction
  • Event organisers
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This activity is available in the following destinations:

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