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Triple Whammy

Are you man enough to handle the triple whammy? A challenge worthy of any adrenaline-hungry stag party, this trio of activities includes the longest, highest zip wire we've seen in years, abseiling, and indoor skydiving over a giant powerfan!

We've found an epic adventure centre manned by friendly, qualified staff who are used to getting the best out of stag parties. Expect to face and smash challenges you never thought you'd conquer! They'll keep you safe whilst boosting your confidence levels and getting you to a place where you can face the scary stuff and have an absolute blast doing it.

After a briefing, you'll be kitted out with safety gear and whisked off to face your first challenge. Take a leap of faith off a high platform and enjoy an awesome zip wire experience before facing the knee-knocking prospect of abseiling with an air rope!

Now you're all psyched up, it's time for one of the most exciting challenges known to stag: indoor skydiving! Feel the sweet rush of free-falling towards a whopping great powerfan and being suspended in mid-air mere feet off the floor.

No experience necessary, all you need to smash the triple whammy is balls of solid steel!

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