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Helicopter Tour Stag Weekends Adrenaline Activity

Helicopter Tour

See the world from a different angle with this spectacular helicopter tour! There's no better way to encounter the iconic landmarks of your stag party destination city, so make like Tony Stark and reach for the skies.

A helicopter ride is one of the most awesome things you can do anywhere. The sensation is utterly different from being in a plane: you're right there with the pilot, and thanks to the windshield design you can see everything wheeling past underneath your feet!

With a flick of the control stick, your pilot can glide the whirlybird sideways to give you a completely new look at the most famous things on the planet. Fly right by legendary buildings, and zoom through natural features on an eye-wateringly low flight path. You haven't seen your stag party city or its surrounding countryside properly until you've seen it from the cockpit of an expertly piloted chopper.

A helicopter tour is a perfect gift for the man of the moment. Club together to get him the ride of a lifetime, or push the boat out and get the whole crew up in the air!

Smartphones are absolutely a must. Get full charge on those babies, and record video footage of you lot being the eyes in the sky. You will never forget this.

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