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Warrior Adrenaline Activity - Stag Weekends


This... is... Sparta! Unleash your inner hard man with a stag party activity that doesn't just sort the men from the boys - it splits the difference with bladed throwing weapons!

Available in selected badass stag locations, Warrior challenges the boys to step up to the mark and show just how deadly they really are. And we're not talking assault weapons here. Rifles and bullets are for big girls. No, real men throw axes, tomahawks or knives.

There's nothing quite like seeing your double handed throwing axe whistle through the air and bury itself in a Game of Thrones-style target. Or picking off tricky bullseyes with lethal throwing knives. Under the extremely watchful eye of your instructors, you'll first learn to wield your blades, then hurl them with deadly force. Pick up the medieval axe, the assassin's knife and the Tomahawk, and get in touch with your prehistoric self!

The ultimate stag party afternoon for boys who are more Stannis Baratheon than Jason Bourne (though the throwing knives are a bit Bond, now we come to think of it), Warrior is absolutely guaranteed to get the blood pumping and the clan oaths flying. You'll find a list of current locations below.

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This activity is available in the following destinations:

we are good to go, visit England
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