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Jousting - Adrenaline Activity - Stag Weekends


Ho there, sirrah! Dare ye take up the mantle of a knight of old, and joust for the honour of stag-kind?

The manliest stag do activity ever, jousting requires nerves of steel and the strength of a bull. Well, it would if you were actually riding horses and waving half-ton lances at each other! In the interests of safety, we've replaced the former with a padded vehicle and the latter with a soft fighting stick. You even get crash mats to hit when you're unhorsed by the bride's dad!

Even with all the padding, stag do jousting is still a pretty hardcore activity. You'll need to summon up ye olde fighting spirit to face the onrushing lance without wetting your pants and diving off the "horse"! Photos and videos of the groom bouncing around on his butt will definitely ensue.

We supply all the equipment, and you'll be taught how to "ride" and take a hit properly before the tournament begins. Think up a suitably noble name, affix your lady's colours to your lance and prepare to do battle. The boys on the stag do will still be talking about the damage they inflicted when you hit the wedding disco!

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