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Bungee Rocket Stag Do, Stag Party and Stag Weekend Activity

Bungee Rocket

Houston, we have a problem! The bungee rocket is the craziest stag party activity since, well, the bungee jump, and it's going to rock your world.

Climb into a spherical cage, strap yourself into the seat and hold on tight. You're about to be fired into space on the end of a pair of high tension bungee cords! Basically a bungee jump done backwards, this activity will send you into orbit so fast only the scream is left behind.

As this is one of the scariest stag party games we've ever seen, we're mercifully getting you fast track tickets to the front of the queue. You won't have time to wonder whether it's such a good idea, before you're strapped in and counting down and it's too late to back out.

Put the stag into the first capsule to spare his sweaty-palmed terror, or make him wait until everyone else in the group has gone first! When he sees you emerge wide eyed and shaking, he'll be half mad to give it a go and half desperate to run away and hide.

Potentially the craziest thing any of you will ever do, the bungee rocket is not for the timid. Do you have the rocks to get involved?

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