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Free Fall Simulator Stag Weekends Activity

Free Fall Simulator

Want to put the fear of god into the stag without shelling out for an expensive skydive? Gents, we have the solution. Welcome to the free fall simulator, one of the most awesome things you can do on a stag do without having to lie to the Mrs when you get home!

A free fall simulator precisely recreates the feeling of falling out of an aeroplane at 30,000 feet, only without the plane or the terrifying drop! Instead, your best bud will be chucked into an inverted wind tunnel, which holds him in a free falling float like a hungover superhero.

So much fun you'll all want to add extra flights to your afternoon, a free fall simulation gives you the best bits of the real thing (screaming like a load of girls, finishing the ride completely exhilarated) without the need for serious cash or hardcore organisation.

In fact, with Off Limits doing everything for you, there's no organising to do at all. Give us the word, and we'll book your stag do into a free fall simulator conveniently located in or near your chosen city. All you have to do is step up to the plate and fall down a hole!

In some locations, you can combine a free fall simulation with other awesome indoor adrenaline activities. Make sure you ask you stag do co-ordinator about creating an adrenaline afternoon!

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