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Parasailing - Adrenaline Activity - Stag Weekends


Who said you had to bust out a sweat to do something amazing on your stag weekend? If you're going to the beach, we recommend you head for the skies on a parasailing adventure!

Parasailing is the last word in stag activities. The effort required from you lot is nil, and the rewards are massive. Soar lazily above the perfect blue sea, enjoy a bird's eye view of chicks in bikinis, and leave the city behind for a totally different kind of look at hidden bays and coves.

Getting up in the air is simple. Strapped into your parasail harness, you'll be dragged along behind a powerboat. The faster the boat goes, the more air gets into your sail. And then - you're flying!

Adrenaline heads, don't worry: parasailing can be a lot more heart-stopping if you want it to be! Let the sail drop close to the surface of the water and start skiing on your heels for a test of strength, stamina and quick reactions. The idea is to get major air, using the sail as a kite, and hit the water at speed.

There aren't many stag weekend activities that cater for the hardcore adrenaline junkie and the couch potato in the same harness. Please all the chaps, and get a different view of your destination!

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