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High Ropes Course

Shrivel nuts and shrink egos with a genuinely terrifying obstacle challenge! For the stag party seeking out new thrills, an afternoon in the fresh air doesn't get more bonkers than this.

The high ropes course is very much like a traditional obstacle course: except, where an obstacle course is, you know, on the ground, this one's up in the treetops. Make like monkeys and conquer a series of increasingly difficult challenges that will see you inching over 40ft drops whimpering for your mum.

High ropes courses are available in a number of our most popular stag party destinations. The layout changes from place to place - one of our favourite courses even includes a flying surfboard challenge! - but the basic idea remains the same. Scare the willies out of everyone in the group by making them tackle challenges even a chimpanzee would think twice about!

Expect vertical nets hanging in midair, zip wires and rope bridges dangling over infinity. You'll need to muster all the team spirit you can find to get every man safely across the challenges and home without needing a change of trousers.

High ropes are an awesome stag prank, too. Record the look of horror on his face when he realises what you've let him in for, and put it in the slideshow at the best man's speech!

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This activity is available in the following destinations:

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