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Combat Kings Stag Weekends Activity

Combat Kings

The ultimate stag party package, Combat Kings starts where most normal activities leave off. If simply firing a gun, shooting an arrow or chucking an axe isn't enough for your lot, we recommend adding this to the Saturday afternoon bit of your weekend!

Combat Kings lets the chaps try out 3 massive activities from a list of 10. Master the art of silent killing in a throwing knife class, duel with pistols or go back to boyhood and fight it out on the tug 'o' war! Whatever you choose, we guarantee you'll emerge from the fray snorting like a Shire horse and breathing fire from your nostrils.

All of us have faced off against the rest of a stag party in one or two competitive combat events - but 10 to pick from? Now that's what we call awesome. The question is, who gets to choose?

Activities could include:

  • Air rifles
  • Zorbing
  • Archery
  • Throwing axes
  • Throwing knives
  • Pistol duel
  • Giant boxing gloves
  • Inflatable Sumo
  • Slingshot duel
  • Tug 'o' war
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