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Coasteering Stag Do, Stag Party and Stag Weekend Activity


Badass, bonkers and massive fun, coasteering is what you do when just one adrenaline activity isn't enough. Combining rock climbing, scrambling, swimming, cliff jumping and just about anything else you can do on or in the water, this makes your regular stag party activity look a bit tame!

Kitted out in the survival essentials (hard hat, floatation gear, wetsuit), you'll be led on a heart-stopping adventure around the coast. Swim under cliffs, leap from boulder to boulder and discover caves and secluded pools along the way. The objective is to keep hugging the coastline from start to finish, no matter what natural obstacles you find!

This is the kind of stag party fun you can't have without expert guidance. Fortunately for you lot, we've hooked up with some seriously knowledgeable adventure types! These guys and girls know every last centimetre of their home coastline, and have dozens of different routes to take you on depending on weather conditions, tide times and the general fitness/confidence levels of your group.

You can go coasteering in almost any weather, as long as the sea isn't too choppy. Stick close to your guide, do exactly as they do, and you'll have the best time ever. Just don't expect to stay dry!

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