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Games of Stags

Always fancied yourself as a barbarian? Now's your chance to prove your mettle, with a bloodthirsty afternoon of pure weapons-based carnage!

We've gone old school for this one. Heft a throwing axe, fire arrows at exploding targets and wield crossbows for a real medieval masterclass. Oh, and just in case some of the boys are itching for a little modern tech, we've chucked in some one on one time with a few heavy duty assault rifles too. All together now: grrr!

First up is a stag party activity we guarantee you've never done before: throwing axes. Balance the weapon carefully, listen to your instructor and visualise the target. Then forget it all in the sheer excitement of the man-moment, roar like Thor and hurl your blade!

After a brief interlude with some 21st century firepower (and no, you can't get your hands on these weapons legally anywhere else!), it's back to the Middle Ages for a Robin Hood-style action adventure. Draw your string, take a deep breath, and loose the arrow at the exploding target. You'll feel like a freaking badass when the bullseye goes up in a gout of flame.

Last but not least, the bow that changed the course of history. Crossbows are still considered one of the most dangerous projectile weapons in the world, and your stag party gets to fire them at stuff. Best. Afternoon. Ever.

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