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Kite Surfing - Adrenaline Activity - Stag Weekends

Kite Surfing

Every bit as bonkers as it sounds, kite surfing takes wave riding to the next level. It goes one step further than bog standard surfing by allowing the rider to actually take off and fly above the surface of the ocean. Eat that, Laird Hamilton! Kite surfers be crazy. We're talking giant balls of steel. Suit up, grab board and kite, and get some massive air, dudes!

Learn the basics of kite surfing with a qualified professional who knows the waters very well, and also how to get the best out of all sorts of wave and wind conditions. Master basic techniques like piloting, plus launching and landing on dry land and in shallow waters. You can also learn essential skills like body dragging in waist deep waters, and water starting.

Feel the super sweet rush of completing your maiden water start. Those few seconds of pure exhilaration when you get on your board and the kite pulls you up are amazing. Prepare to be completely, hopelessly addicted. This could be the start of something beautiful!

Ideal for stag parties who want a kite surfing taster, this session gives a good, solid introduction to the sport that's taking the extreme scene by storm!

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